The Rockford Files

Season 4 Episode 5

The Dog and Pony Show

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1977 on NBC

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  • Classic Rockford set-up...what seems deceptively easy usually isn't and leads to bigger problems.

    Rockford and Angel wind up in group therapy (funny enough in itself), but an attractive female patient enlists Jim's help in a case that leads them to the mob and the National Intelligence Agency.

    I've read somewhere that there really aren't bad episodes of "The Rockford Files," just episodes that aren't as good as others. Well, "The Dog and Pony Show" sets the bar for the series. It's everything you expect in a "Rockford:" a damsel in distress, Jim pulling some cons, Angel, Rocky, action, laughs. It doesn't get pigeonholed into a "comedy" or "drama" fold and stays fresh with its characters and stories. As a result, this episode that starts out one way before taking a massive left turn keeps the audience on its toes.

    A few episodes in Season 4 deal with the mob trying to hide away an "odd" family member. In this case, it's Joey B in the asylum. (In "Requiem for a Funny Box," it's the extracurricular activities of a mobster's son.) I loved the scenes of the intelligence agents in their briefing to determine what course of action to take with Rockford. The inanity of it all, the self-aggrandizing and the disregard to reason were funny but kind of scary. I can see some parallels with how the intelligence community seems to be analyzing intelligence today!