The Rockford Files

Season 3 Episode 3

The Family Hour

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1976 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Jim and Rocky find Marin Rose Gaily sat outside Jim's trailer, they become her guardians and search for her father Stuart Gaily, who is missing, presumed dead or her Aunt Cecil Goss– who has been hospitalised by two goons. The same goons come after Jim with an electric cattle prod, wanting to know where Stu Gaily is, because they, like Jim, believe he is alive. Dennis has Jim meet with a Federal Narcotics Agent Al Jollett – who claims Gaily are wanted on a drugs charge. Jim traces Stu through a classified ad and they hide out at Angel's. Stu and his now deceased brother in law Marty Goss worked a airport luggage terminal for Jollett removing items and occasionally adding items to luggage to secure convictions – but Jollett is crooked. Stu has possession of the log of actions that Marty kept. When Marin is kidnapped from Rocky's Jim and Stu have to deal her life for the book. Unfortunately she has the key to the locker where it is kept sewn in the lining of her purse. Jim concocts a sting to catch Jollett and his goons who are also corrupt federal agents….