The Rockford Files

Season 2 Episode 13

The Girl in the Bay City Boys Club

Aired Unknown Dec 19, 1975 on NBC



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    • Thompkins: (searching Rockford's car) Not even a lousy gum wrapper... Check the glove compartment.
      Mosher: Mostly bills.
      Thompkins: Made out to Keil?
      Mosher: Yeah. Some went to a newspaper, the rest to a home address. (starts reading the ZIP code last)
      Thompkins: I don't need the ZIP code. He's not going on my Christmas card list!

    • (Rockford pulls up to the speaker at a Jack in the Box drive-thru)
      Kid: Your order please.
      Jim: Call the police.
      Young Man: Your order, please!
      Jim: That's it. You got it. There's a guy following me in a white 1974 Datsun, California plates. Tell the police I'll be headed south on Perdugo and for them to intercept.
      Young Man: Are you nuts, mister? Is this a joke?
      Jim: Just tell them he took a shot at me... and while you're at it could you throw in a taco and a bag of fries?

    • (Kate watches Jim pick the lock at the club)
      Kate: That's illegal!
      Jim: So is what we're about to do.

    • Angel: You know, I'm just an innocent bystander.
      Thompkins: They're usually the ones who get shot.

  • Notes

    • " Angel"( played by Stuart Margolin)isn't mentioned in the credits.
      I don't know if his name was shown at the beginning or the end of that episode but his name isn't listed on your cast and crew list.

    • This was the only episode of The Rockford Files directed by James Garner.

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