The Rockford Files

Season 2 Episode 14

The Hammer of C Block

Aired Unknown Jan 09, 1976 on NBC
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The Hammer of C Block
Jim returns from Long Pine to find Gandolph Fitch waiting for him – recently released from San Quentin for murder after 20 years, and wants to collect a prison debt; in services. Gandy asks Jim to investigate his girlfriend Lila’s murder – the crime he was imprisoned for. They try to find his old lawyer, but instead Gandy directs them to Rosie, an old man, who is asked to put it about that Gandy is looking for the killer. Jim is mad, as now the killer knows who they are but they don’t know the killer. They see Gandy’s lawyer Oliver Prey, who after some persuasion gives them a copy of the trial transcript. They then visit Pasadena to see Pebbles Runkin, Gandy’s former employer, for a lead on Eunice Charles Lila’s best friend. Runkin tells them Eunice is dead, so Jim leaves Gandy to find work. Jim continues to investigate, following up some information he got from Runkin alone and finds Eunice, who is now Mrs Bingham – married to a prominent doctor. A girl overhears the conversation Jim has with Eunice where he learns that Gandy used to hit Lila and that Lila disappeared on two occasions for 5 months and 7 months. Jim speaks to Dennis, who hears that Gandy was arrested in Pasadena. Jim posts bail and the pair sees the officer who arrested Gandy. They go and play pool and after a long talk Jim finally believes Gandy is innocent and continue to trail the beat. In a bar Gandy gets a call from Debbie, the girl from Mrs Bingham’s house, who takes Gandy to the park where she and her brother Arthur - the police officer - ambush him to get revenge for the death of their mother Lila. Jim has followed them and stops them – and suddenly works out the whole case…moreless

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  • Hey, Rockfish!

    In a bit of stunt casting that paid off, Isaac Hayes makes his first appearance as Gandy Fitch, Rockford's old prison tormentor who needs Jimbo's help on the outside. I'd never have guessed it, but Hayes and Garner get on like a house on fire, and the result is a great episode that is quintessential "Rockford."

    Kudos to the producers for not going the obvious route and casting Hayes as a singer. He does a great job with a storyline that offers him a range of emotions, as well as a chance to be physical. While he has a few shaky moments, he acquits himself very well. Obviously, everyone involved had a good time, as Hayes came back twice over the next two seasons.

    Like most episodes, Rockford has a "cold case" to tackle...the murder Gandy was convicted of. And, like most cases Rockford takes on, certain people don't want this cold case to heat up. It's nice that we don't learn the identities of the parties dogging Rockford and Gandy until late in the game; it keeps the mystery fresh.

    The ending, when the case is wrapped up and Gandy learns what happened to Lila, is so beautifully downbeat that it will stick with you. Couple that with Hayes' soulful, almost elegaic "Gandy's Theme" and it adds another dimension to the episode.

    An ace show all around.moreless

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