The Rockford Files

Season 5 Episode 3

The Jersey Bounce

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1978 on NBC

Episode Recap

Eugene Conigliaro and Mickey Long own the house next door to Rocky. The pair and their friends create noise, disturb the peace, and vandalise Rocky's home. Jim stays at his father's house one night to obtain evidence for the police – and witnesses Mickey stealing his fathers barbecue briquettes. Jim confronts he gang, and mutual threats are passed between Jim, Eugene, Mickey and their friend Mac Amodeus. Next morning Jim is arrested as prime suspect for the murder of Mac Amodeus. Jim's legal counsel, Wade Ward is not completely committed to the case, suggesting plea-bargaining. That evening Jim receives a mistaken phone call from John Cooper, a legal researcher hired by Ward. Cooper will not discuss the case with Jim, so Jim meets Wade and Cooper to discuss the case, proposing to get civil deposition testimony from "Long and Conigilo" ("its Conigliaro!"), but Wade believes this is a bad idea then lets slip that Coop is a disbarred attorney. Jim talks with Coop at the local bar and is impressed by him. After obtaining the deposition testimony, the Preliminary Hearing does not go well and Jim is bound over for trial. After spotting Artie Nodzak in the public gallery, Jim and Coop investigate further and discover Amodeus' girlfriend is the sister of gangster Artie Nodzak, and figure out that Eugene and Mickey killed Amodeus to gain respect from Nodzak, however Nodzak was not impressed. Eugene decides the only way to finish this is to murder Mickey outside Jim's trailer and frame Jim for it because of the feud, but Jim and Coop are onto him and a chase on the pier ensues – which ends with Eugene not paying attention to when it's high tide…
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