The Rockford Files

Season 1 Episode 2

The Kirkoff Case

Aired Unknown Sep 13, 1974 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jim is following Travis, to get a lead on the murder of Mr and Mrs Kirkoff. He loses Travis, but meets Tawnia, who invites him back to her apartment for a drink. She drugs Jim and when he awakens he is without his trousers and questioned by Travis. Jim confesses he is working for the son Larry Kirkoff. Travis is annoyed as everyone alleges Larry killed his parents. Jim manages to sucker punch Travis and takes a photograph of Tawnia. Larry Kirkoff recognizes the photograph of Tawnia and Jim locates her at a tennis club. After some arguing Tawnia admits that she and Travis were having affairs with the respective Kirkoff parents, and so Jim agrees on a dinner date. Later Jim is kidnapped and his car smashed by unknown goons but his reports of a crime to Dennis Becker are unsympathetic. Jim meets Tawnia at the restaurant and after realizing he can't afford the prices takes her to a drive in movie where She tells him she overheard a conversation between Mr Kirkoff and a man named 'Muzzy'. Jim recognizes the name as Muzzy Vinette which suggests Mr Kirkoff hired him to kill his wife. Jim meets the local godfather – Al Dancer and gives the tip that his employee Muzzy Vinette took up an independent contract. Jim follows Marsh to Vinette's hideout, and after some gunshots, Vinette runs out and races away in his car. Jim blocks him forcing him into a golf course and a chase ensues. Eventually Jim forces Vinette's vehicle into a sand trap and catches Mrs Kirkoff's murderer, but Mr Kirkoff's death is still to be solved…

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