The Rockford Files

Season 4 Episode 9

The Mayor's Committee From Deer Lick Falls

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 1977 on NBC

Episode Recap

Four members of the Mayor's Committee from Dear Lick Falls, Michigan – Benson, Kelso, Deitweiler and Jacobs - hire Jim to help them find new Fire Engines. Benson asks Jim to find his niece Lauren Ingeborg, an actress, to give her a profit sharing cheque. Jim traces her to a theatre and goes to report to Benson. Benson, Kelso, Deitweiler and Jacobs attempt to hire Jim to kill Lauren Ingeborg and offer him $5000 now and $15000 after. Jim refuses, and has Dennis come to question them. They deny the contract and threaten to take action. Next day Jim is summoned to the Consumers Office and has his licence suspended. Jim goes to Dennis who has found out that the men are stalwart citizens. Jim meets Lauren and tries to convince her of the danger, but she does not believe him. She sees advert in the paper which Benson places, and she meets her uncle anyway. After dinner Benson lets her walk into the road and is almost run down by a car, but Jim saves her. She believes Jim and confesses she knows that the four men have falsified their taxes, so they go to the Police but Lieutenant Chapman does not believe the story, so Jim takes her to Rocky's, who is trying to find Jim a new line of work with his licence suspended. Jim takes Lauren goes to the IRS office to make a statement, but they do not believe her – believing it is done in malice on her and Jim's part. As they leave the Firebird's brakes are cut and they almost crash. Jim has Lauren makes a full statement on her own, and has Angel impersonate a Coroner to go to Benson claiming Lauren died in her own vehicle in an accident. The four men believe it, but Jim contacts Benson threatening them with the statement. They agree an exchange; return of PI's licence and money for the statement and they meet in a shopping centre. Because Deitweiler has a heart attack at the bank, they have no money so Kelso waits in the wings with a rifle and shoots, but Dennis and the police are on hand to stop and arrest them. Jim reveals to Benson that Lauren is alive and well. Later Lauren gives Jim the profit sharing cheque and manages to save his licence too, when Angel realises he could gain a reward for reporting a friend for tax evasion, so when Jim, Lauren and Rocky leave for dinner Angel checks through Jim's tax records…
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