The Rockford Files

Season 4 Episode 12

The Queen of Peru

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1977 on NBC

Episode Recap

Acting as a consultant, Jim goes with Stephen Kalifer of Boston Fire and Casualty Insurance Company, to attend a meeting with some thieves to discuss the ransom for the priceless Borland Diamond. They agree a price, time and place and return to Kalifer's office. Kalifer is not impressed with Jim, calling him a "lolly-gagger". Meanwhile Ginger and Lou find Mike, who gets shot and Donny, who runs away. They take Mike hostage and continue to look for Donny, as they want a piece of the Borland Diamond. Donny hides the diamond in Jim's barbecue. Next day Jim wakes up to find a Camper parked outside containing the Wronko family; Carl, Dot, Shareen and Sean – on holiday from Peru. Later Jim and Kalifer attend the meeting place; a rest stop, with the million dollars, wearing t-shirts and trousers. They get a call from Donny on a pay phone, moving the meeting to an amusement park. They go and learn that Donny hid the diamond in the ashes of Jim's barbecue. Jim races back to find the Wronko family has stolen the barbecue. Jim contacts Kalifer who panics and so Donny hits him and takes the money. At the Police Station, Kalifer demands that Lieutenant Chapman arrest and hold Jim, so Jim is held overnight. Next morning Jim learns the Insurance Company have fired him so talks to Skip, the local lifeguard for find out where the Wronko's have gone. He gets a direction and goes after them. Meanwhile Carl finds the barbecue in the Camper trunk, because Sean stole it, but instead of returning it, he tips out the ashes containing the diamond and moves on. Ginger and Lou beat up Skip to obtain a lead on Jim learning of his search for the Wronko's, then kidnap Kalifer to understand why Jim is chasing the family. Jim uses the CB Radio to try and find the Wronko family and finds them at a caravan site. When the Firebird is damaged Carl agrees to drive Jim back for a piece of the recovery. On the way Ginger catches up with them and shoots at them, so Jim forces them off the road. With the diamond safely returned Carl learns that because he works for a company linked with Boston Casualty, he does not qualify for the reward. Jim is smug about it, until the Camper is damaged and the family are forced to stay at the Cove a little longer…

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