The Rockford Files

Season 2 Episode 7

The Real Easy Red Dog

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1975 on NBC
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Episode Summary

The Real Easy Red Dog
Jim is hired by Jennifer Sandstrom to investigate her sister’s death. Taking some clues she provides, Jim contacts Dennis to learn that the death as classed as suicide. Jim goes to Alice Sandstrom’s home, bumps into a pool cleaner walking out, checks the pool himself and finds the filter is clogged. Jim goes inside and finds Tom Brice of Freidler, Pike & Morris Attorneys checking the property. Posing as Jay Valaro - a County Assessor, Jim cons Brice out of the safe deposit keys he found and leaves, contacting Lieutenant Diehl about his findings, suggesting an autopsy. He goes to Jennifer Sandstrom’s home to find she is not the woman who hired him, and she tells him that Alice was mentally ill. Jim is followed by a mystery car and pulls into a motel to evade them, and then follows them, and finds they park outside a house. Jim goes into the house by a back way to find ‘Jennifer Sandstrom’. Looking through her ID he learns she is Christine ‘Tina’ Dusseau – a fellow Private Investigator. She tells Jim that he was used as a decoy to get the police officers off her back why she completes an insurance payoff case. They meet Diehl at the morgue who tells them an autopsy proved nothing. Jim tells Tina he has evidence that Alice Sandstorm was murdered. They go back to Alice Sandstrom’s house and find a room decorated as a nursery, as well as other clues. On the way home someone tries to shoot them. Meanwhile Lieutenant Diehl finds the body of Tom Brice, and knowing Jim’s connection with the case, has a warrant issued. At Tina’s house the police try to find Jim, but he hides. Jim and Tina obtain samples of Alice Sandstrom’s handwriting to practice her signature so they can access the safe deposit box. They do and learn Alice Sandstrom had a baby who she sold to Pete Finch, who works for Aaron Friedler of Friedler, Pike & Morris Attorneys. They leave and are chased by Finch…moreless

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Stefanie Powers

Stefanie Powers

Christina Dusseau

Guest Star

Bruce Kirby

Bruce Kirby

Aaron Friedler

Guest Star

Sherry Jackson

Sherry Jackson

Jennifer Sandstrom

Guest Star

Tom Atkins

Tom Atkins

Lt Thomas Diehl

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At the beginning of the show, after Stephanie Powers and Rockford leave the trailer at the same time, they are shown pulling away from an intersection each going in opposite directions -Rockford in the Firebird and Powers in a white MGB. This same shot is used in several episodes to show Rockford leaving the trailer and heading to his next case.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Jim to Lt. Diehl: Why don't we just say that we made a big mistake and Tina and I will now get out of your life.

      Lt. Diehl: In the two and a half years I've known you, it's the first thing you've said that I can get behind.

    • Det. Becker: We're calling it a suicide because it was a suicide. See, how neat that works out.

      Jim: What about an autopsy?

      Det. Becker: I don't know. Look, Jimbo, it's not my case, it's Lt. Diehl's. Call Deal up and ask him to read you the RO report.

      Jim: O.K. O.K., I'm officially notifying you that I'm working on the case.

      Det. Becker: Why tell me? Tell Diehl.

      Jim: I'm telling you because I'm talking to you. You see, how neat that works out?

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