The Rockford Files

Season 5 Episode 4

White on White and Nearly Perfect

Aired Unknown Oct 20, 1978 on NBC

Episode Recap

When his bail bondsman's secretary takes him home, because he was arrested at a poker game where Angel hit a cop, Jim finds Rocky reading a Dan Slade detective novel "My Gun is Deadly". Jim tells his father that real life is not black and white like it is in the book. That morning Jim goes to meet Armand Teasdale at his residence regarding the disappearance of his daughter Veronica, when Lance White, another private investigator arrives, stating he is present as a favour to Angela, the secretary. Teasdale does not want to involve the police and gives the detectives his only lead; Joey Blackwood. Lance promises Jim he will stay out of the case. Meanwhile on a freighter, De Palma and Vincent welcome Meyer Ziegler, an underworld boss who wants to die in Israel. He is advised on a slight delay in the Teasdale kidnap situation and Zeigler is not happy. Jim goes to Blackwood's Club and finds Lance is already made and has made some discreet enquiries – so discreet that two goons take the pair before Tuner Watson, who claims Veronica and Joey have eloped. When Lance mentions the felons who are in the club, Watson almost kills the pair of PI's, forcing them to run off. They return to Lance's office where 'Belle LaBelle' arrives to inform Lance that Veronica and Joey are at a house in Malibu Hills. Jim is convinced it is a trap, nut Lance insists on going there. When they arrive they witness the kidnapping of Veronica, Lance storms in and is shot, while Jim chases and loses them. Back at the house, Lance covers his flesh wound and looks on the dead body of Joey Blackwood. Lieutenant Chapman, Sergeant Becker and Officer Billings arrive to police the situation. Jim and Lance return to Teasdale's to be told by Brad Davis that Teasdale received a ransom demand and died, he subsequently fires the PI's. Jim is not convinced that Teasdale is dead, and so the pair follows Davis when he meets Vincent to discuss ransom. Lance creeps forward to see more but is discovered and taken. Jim follows them back to freighter, and returns to Davis demanding to speak to Teasdale, who faked his death. He explains that he is shipping missiles to Israel, and that Zeigler wants to die there, but the Palestinians would rather loose the missiles than take in a gangster. Jim takes Teasdale, Davies and the guard dogs to the freighter to rescue Lance and Veronica. After two shots are fired and a load of cans fall, everyone is captured. Months later Lance and Veronica marry, and Teasdale hands over his industrial empire to Lance, who decides to give the missiles to Israel and not sell them. Davies is very concerned but Jim reminds him "things have a way of working out, they always do".