The Rockford Files

Season 5 Episode 13

With the French Heel Back, Can the Nehru Jacket Be Far Behind?

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1979 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jim receives a strange phone call from a former model girlfriend Carol Calcoat. He finds her dead, and suspect's murder, when the police arrive Officer Frank Dusenberg concludes it is a suicide. At the same time celebrity model Conswalo Hooper is also murdered. Jim meets Margaret 'Alta' Hatch, a friend of Carol's, who also has suspicions about her death. Next day Jim meets Carol and Margaret's employer; Masters, an eccentric fashion designer, who has his own theories surrounding Carol's death and hire Jim to investigate his rival Barruci. Posing as 'Jimmy Joe Meeker' Jim goes to and is subsequently thrown out of, Barrucis. Jim tries to convince Dennis Becker to reopen the case, but Dennis is engrossed in the Conswalo Hooper murder. While talking Jim finds a medical clamp in amongst the items found at the Hooper murder scene. That evening he is kidnapped, taken to a barn in the country, and while making his escape is shot in the leg. After surgery Jim limps to the wake for Conswalo Hooper, and witnesses a fight between Masters and another rival. When Jim questions Masters about his financial affairs, he runs away, then cancels his fashion show. However, Mr Bancroft, Masters' financial backer, is tough and forces Masters to put on the show, which is awful – no one likes his "anti-septic clean look" of models in specially designed hospital uniforms, but it gives Jim the link to Carol and Conswalo's murder, so the chase is on…