The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

Season 2 Episode 8

Banana Formula

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 21, 1964 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Banana Formula
Boris hides the secret formula for Hush-a-boom inside a banana, and then sells the banana to Bullwinkle. (11 segments)

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William Conrad

William Conrad


June Foray

June Foray

Rocket J. Squirrel/Natasha Fatale/Nell Fenwick/Additional Voices

Hans Conried

Hans Conried

Snidley Whiplash

Edward Everett Horton

Edward Everett Horton

Narrator (Fractured Fairy Tales)

Paul Frees

Paul Frees

Boris Badenov/Inspector Fenwick/Cloyd/Additional Voices

Bill Scott

Bill Scott

Bullwinkle J. Moose/Dudley Doright/Mr. Peabody/Gidney/Additional voices

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Rocky: Who are you?
      Boris: I'm the boat's medical officer.
      Rocky: Ship's doc? (Ships dock?)
      Boris: Of course they do.

    • Rocky: You are turning green.
      Bullwinkle: It must be that banana I ate about four episodes back.

    • Lion: Then what should I do?
      Mouse: What else? Abdicate.
      Lion: Abdicate? What's that mean?
      Mouse: Roughly translated, it means get another job.

    • Boris: Hey, you want to sell us this fruit cart?
      Proprietor: Sure, that will cost you $50,000.
      Boris: $50,000? You out of your mind?
      Proprietor: You gotta no choice. You gotta buy it.
      Natasha: We do?
      Proprietor: You in bad trouble. You stole the formula from-a Professor [Bermuda] Schwartz, and now you gotta hide from-a the moose and-a the squirrel.
      Boris: Hey, how come you know all this?
      Proprietor: What? You think I don't watch The Bullwinkle Show?

    • Hypotenuse: Tibi fumus obsideo septum doro. (Everybody can do something.)

  • NOTES (0)


    • As Rocky and Bullwinkle head into the sunset, they call each other Cisco and Pancho. This is an allusion to a similar setting from The Cisco Kid, which ran from 1950-1956.

    • Captain Peachfuzz dismisses the strange look of Boris as a ballplayer by likening him to playing for Kansas City. This is not the modern-day Kansas City Royals, but the Kansas City Athletics, who played 13 consecutive losing seasons in Kansas City before relocating to Oakland.

    • The mold moose, Jane Moosefield is an allusion to sex symbol of the times, Jayne Mansfield.

    • Mr. Know-it-All's book titled How to Win Friends, and be Influential with People is a parody of Dale Carnegie's classic, How to Win Friends, and Influence People.

    • As a policeman walks Boris across the street by the hand, he sings, "Take my hand, I'm a stranger in Steubenville." This is a parody of The Four Aces' 1954 hit, Take my hand, I'm a stranger in paradise

    • Peabody disguised Bonnie Prince Charlie as a basketball player, an obvious and intentional anachronism. This alludes to Flora MacDonald's plan to disguise Bonnie Prince Charles as her maid.

    • Rocky and Bullwinkle approach Boris claiming to have a camera hidden in a lollipop - a "candied camera." So Boris must be Alan Fink. This is an allusion to the popular reality show of the time, Candid Camera, hosted by Alan Funt.

    • When Bullwinkle wanted to buy a banana, he said "We have no bananas today." This is a line from a Jimmy Durante song, Yes We Have No Bananas.

    • The name of the Professor is Bermuda Schwartz. This is an allusion to the Bermuda Shorts fashion.

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