The Rogues

NBC (ended 1965)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • A Daring Step Backward
      Marcel and the family help a fashion designer whose latest creations were pirated and her studio ruined. Their con creates "new" fashions with Margaret's old dresses from 1932 as they begin to setup the fashion magazine editor who is responsible.
    • Mr. White's Christmas
      Marcel and another American cousin, work on a scheme to make Horatio T. White, a Scrooge-like millionaire, become the "world's greatest philanthropist."
    • Grave Doubts
      Grave Doubts
      Episode 28

      Tony gets involved with a girl whose father was just murdered - or was he really killed twenty years ago? The original body's coffin is to be exhumed by two "cousins" planning to take it back to Germany (what secrets does it hold?) but Tony puts his and Marcel's talents to use.

    • Wherefore Art Thou, Harold?

      Margaret enlists the family to help a friend who is being evicted by a magazine publisher. He wants to get his hands on some first editions she owns. Timmy & Marcel set out to sell him the manuscript of an undiscovered Shakespeare play - actually a forgery devised by Timmy as a college prank years before.

    • Our Men in Marawat
      Our Men in Marawat
      Episode 26
      Marcel and Timmy are sent by Briscoe to return an original art object back to its rightful place and help avoid the political situation that may result if the fake is discovered.
    • The Pigeons of Paris
      Timmy's old school friend, who is a painter and an undercover agent, is murdered. Marcel and Timmy move into his Paris studio to try to uncover what he was working on that caused him to be killed.
    • The Bartered MacBride
      Tony poses as the lost cousin of a family that is waiting to collect the inheritance they are expecting after their uncle's "unexpected" death. Tony and the family are going to sell them the part of the inheritance he kept, but only after they convince them there is oil on it.moreless
    • The Laughing Lady of Luxor
      Marcel and Timmy meet an old friend who tells them he will make them rich, but he winds up dead before he can tell them which object in his shipment is worth "millions." So they setup shop, with their ploy to see who is the most interested in this unknown object.moreless
    • Run For the Money
      Run For the Money
      Episode 22
      Tony and Timmy enter East Berlin to retrieve a million in gold coins that will be used to help finance a refugee escape route from the East to the West. While there, Tony must also try to rescue the daughter of an old friend before she is shot for treason.
    • Bow to a Master
      Bow to a Master
      Episode 21

      "The Cat", a legendary cat-burglar, purloins a pearl necklace from Tony - who has just purloined it himself. So Tony sets out to skin "The Cat" - who may, however, make use of those nine lives of his.

    • The Diamond-Studded Pie
      Tony poses as a "Great White Hunter," where the plan is to take an American businessman on the hunt of his life. Only wild animals aren't the intended game, it's some well-placed diamonds.
    • The Golden Ocean
      The Golden Ocean
      Episode 19
      Tony comes to the aid of an old friend who's being forced to pay back a loan totaling $250,000 in five days. With help from the family he plans to get the money from the loaner, but this man may be too sharp for them.
    • Bless You, G. Carter Huntington
      A wealthy man buys the land that also contains a cemetery with the remains of Alexis St. Clair. It's a family affair as Marcel, Alec and Timmy meet Tony in New York City to put one over on him. They find help with their plan from Huntington's unhappily married wife.
    • Gambit by the Golden Gate
      Marcel brings a fake Rembrandt to San Francisco where they will try switching it with the original which is owned by "The Concrete King." Their plan is changed when the original is donated to a museum, but later stolen, so they use the fake to bait the thief.
    • Money Is for Burning
      Tony and the family are plotting to sell a castle with a few well-placed trinkets in it. The scheme gets compounded when a train has been robbed of three million pounds and the thieves are hiding it in the castle while they are placing their trinkets. Tony gets mixed up with a charming woman while trying to get away from the thieves and the police.moreless
    • The Real Russian Caviar
      Aunt Meg poses as the Grand Duchess Anastasia, last survivor of the Russian Royal Family; her knowledge of a secret con-trick pulled on the Romanovs by an ancestor convinces a Kremlin investigator that she is genuine.
    • Hugger-Mugger, by the Sea
      Tony sets up a shipping magnate into thinking he is working for his rival and that they are on the trail of some treasure. The treasure is contained within a ship that is part of a fleet of "worthless" U.S. Navy ships.
    • The Computer Goes West
      Marcel and Timmy are just given the task of smuggling a computer back to the west, when their friend is murdered. They are accused and arrested, but a government official offers them a deal, which Marcel plans to use in completing their original task.
    • The Boston Money Party
      Tony and the family help out a friend of his whose business has just been raided. They position this corporate raider for a fall, by trying to sell him a textile company that has developed a new process for making fabric or so he thinks.
    • Plavonia, Hail and Farewell
      Tony poses as an international financier, and Margaret as the last member of the royal family of Plavonia. The scheme is to get a wealthy Plavonian man to invest some of his reclusive millions, so they can help other Plavonian refugees. The scheme goes amiss when Tony is kidnapped.
    • Fringe Benefits
      Fringe Benefits
      Episode 10
      Alec is forced to participate in a diamond smuggling operation by Briscoe who has a case built against the family. While in Rio, he and Timmy try to make a little money on the side by exploiting the rich exiles.
    • Take Me to Paris
      Take Me to Paris
      Episode 9

      The rogues take on the dangerous Gregor Szekely - but whose side is the enigmatic Simone really on?

    • Two of a Kind
      Two of a Kind
      Episode 8

      Marcel runs into another member of the old French resistance and she wants his help in supplying guidance for her son whom she thinks may be involved in the theft of a stamp. After Marcel meets him, he thinks he may be his son, but this boy needs an education on being a "Rogue."

    • The Project Man
      The Project Man
      Episode 7
      Tony and Timmy stumble onto some information about a proposed rocket site. They take advantage of this information to lighten the fortunes of the men who bought all the land the site may be built on.
    • Death of a Fleming
      Marcel meets a girl who was sold into a harem. The family gets together a scheme to get a million dollars out of the sheik who is the buyer. As a part of the plan Tony must fake his death, only he sneezes.
    • House of Cards
      House of Cards
      Episode 5

      Tony is brought in when elderly Uncle Bertie loses a small fortune at Courtleigh House, a leading London gaming house which is, in fact, crooked. Tony is supposed to crack the safe, but finds himself set up for theft and caught red-handed. Chief Inspector Briscoe gives the family 24 hours to prove his innocence.

    • Viva Diaz!
      Viva Diaz!
      Episode 4
      Alec poses as an inveterate gambler and Marcel as a Swiss banker with a penchant for baccarat in a scheme to fleece a Latin American leader who absconded with his nation's treasury.
    • The Stefanini Dowry
      In New York, Tony tries to take back a diamond necklace that once "belonged" to the family, but were lost by an ancestor 106 years ago. The necklace is in the hotel room of a visiting dictator, who is planning to sell his country's crown jewels for his personal profit.
    • The Day They Gave the Diamonds Away
      Marcel poses as a scientist who's invented a diamond making machine, which they try to sell to the world's biggest diamond merchant. As a side effect they buy the stock of his company when it drops in price, fully expecting it to return to full value once he destroys the machine.moreless
    • The Personal Touch
      After selling a "race" horse to get some working capital, Alec poses as an eccentric millionaire to try to relieve a shipping tycoon of a million dollars.