The Rookies (1972) - Season 1

ABC (ended 1976)




Episode Guide

  • Easy Money
    Easy Money
    Episode 24
    The rookies may be confronted with a problem worse than the nurse who holds a grudge against all police officers: they discover that her younger brother is associating with thugs who are the organizers of a current neighborhood protection scandal.
  • A Farewell Tree from Marly
    The rookies are presented with a "difficult" court case. While the case is essentially an open and shut, obvious manslaughter conviction, trouble arises: the most important element in the conviction, the only witness, is discovered to suffer from mental retardation.
  • Life Robbery
    Life Robbery
    Episode 22
    The rookies try to disengage a robbery network by leaving the undesirable city slums and working in the suburbs. They discover that the main suspect is a dear, old friend of Lieutenant Ryker's. The man is also a special security guard of the community.
  • The Wheel of Death
    The Wheel of Death
    Episode 21
    An extremely ill young boy is desperately waiting for a suitable bone marrow donor; without a bone marrow transplant, he will die shortly. However, the biggest obstacle is that the boy's father, who has compatible marrow and is the only possible donor, is currently on the run. He is trying to evade the police as well as the syndicate.moreless
  • Three Hours to Kill
    Three Hours to Kill
    Episode 20
    A daring plan is crafted by a convict's wife to release a prisoner from incarceration: an innocent and helpless police officer, who is undergoing surgery, is taken hostage. The rest of the medical staff in the operating room is also put at risk, including Jill Danko, Mike Danko's wife.
  • Point of Impact
    Point of Impact
    Episode 19
    An old friend of Terry Webster's unleashes an attack on a patrol car officer. Webster investigates further to try and discover the logic behind the seemingly nonsensical incident.
  • Snow Job
    Snow Job
    Episode 18
    A junkie addicted to dope sets his eye on swiping 82 million dollars worth of cocaine which has been confiscated. He will soon find that his plan is confronted with complications: the police have tagged the drugs for disposal in the ocean.
  • Crossfire
    Episode 17
    In their off duty time, the rookies become involved in a camp for deviant, delinquent children and adolescents. Because of their involvement, the community's view regarding them, and the police force as a whole, is at risk.
  • Tarnished Idol
    Tarnished Idol
    Episode 16
    A teenaged friend of Willie's is shot at while parking Willie's patrol car. The car becomes engulfed in flames. Willie shoots at the killers car as they flee. It is later revealed that Willie's friend died from a gunshot, not the fire. Willie is accused of shooting his friend in a mercy killing, jeopardizing his job and his friendship with the boy's family.moreless
  • Rabbits on the Runway
    The rookies are on the hunt for a runaway girl. Their strongest clue to solving the case is a tattooed foot. However, the rookies are missing a vital piece of information: the man that claims to be the girl's father is actually the one who is out to murder her, and is the cause for her self-imposed disappearance.moreless
  • A Very Special Piece of Ground
    Easy Wyatt is a cop with many years behind him on the force. His ranch has recently been the target of destruction in a new plan to build a freeway. Wyatt is becoming mentally unstable, and his instability is slowly spiraling deeper and deeper. Once the best officer in the squad, Wyatt's shaky state is evident when he attempts to prevent the bulldozers from digging by holding them at gunpoint.moreless
  • A Bloody Shade of Blue
    The police squadron has a new terror on their hands: two snipers who are shooting indiscriminately at anyone who is dressed in a uniform. Terry Webster, who unfortunately loses his eyesight, is their most recent target.
  • A Deadly Velocity
    A Deadly Velocity
    Episode 12
    The rookies are given the task of protecting a controversial Army General who has recently returned to the country after serving in Vietnam. The rookies must deal with mob control, as well as actively track down a sniper who hits the General. The rookies most valuable clue is an old army rifle, used in the General's shooting, whose owner the rookies must uncover.moreless
  • To Taste of Terror
    To Taste of Terror
    Episode 11
    After Officer Danko apprehends a suspect fleeing from the scene of a crime and testifies against him, his brother, who eluded capture fleeing from the same crime, begins to terrorize Jill in order to force Danko to change his testimony.
  • The Good Die Young
    The Good Die Young
    Episode 10
    When three single women are murdered, Webster and Gillis go undercover with two female officers at a singles apartment complex. The female officers serve as bait and Webster and Gillis as their protectors. When one of the officers is the next murder victim, the team must decide whether to end the operation or continue and risk another officer's life.moreless
  • Dirge for Sunday
    Dirge for Sunday
    Episode 9
    The Rookies are assigned the task of protecting a valuable witness. When a professional killer disguised as a professor is denied visitation by Danko, he convinces Danko and Lt. Ryker to allow Danko to drive him to a private airport, where he kidnaps Danko forcing him to wear explosives in the hopes of trading the officer's life for that of the witness.moreless
  • The Bear That Didn't Get Up
    During a robbery, Webster and Gillis pursue fleeing suspects. Believing he is being fired on, Gillis returns fire, gravely wounding unarmed an teenager, who later dies on the operating table. While on mandatory leave, Gillis begins receiving anonymous calls telling him that he did not kill the young man, which leads the team to investigate.moreless
  • Time is the Fire
    Time is the Fire
    Episode 7
    A man disguised as a police officer kidnaps Andrea Sloan, the daughter of a wealthy family, and demands $200,000 in ransom. As the case unfolds, Danko, Webster and Gillis become concerned for an out of sorts Lt. Ryker, who exhibits an unusually short temper and repeated loss of balance. While hospitalized for tests, the Lieutenant confides in Jill that he likely has a very special connection to the kidnapped girl.moreless
  • Covenant with Death
    When Webster and Gillis have to serve Brother Toby Jones, a former drug addict turned evangelist, with his fourth disturbing the peace complaint, Brother Toby solicits Webster's help in obtaining a grant that will keep his congregation from being evicted. Despite Lt. Ryker's warnings, he agrees to help. Shortly thereafter, Gillis spots Toby at the site of heroin raid. After he is brought in for questioning and booked, Webster and Gillis post bail for him, only to see Toby immediately shot and seriously wounded outside his church.moreless
  • The Commitment
    The Commitment
    Episode 5
    After umpiring a kids' baseball game, Officer Gillis and Mrs. Gibson, the concessionaire, are robbed by two masked men. When Willie tries to intervene, he is shot by a bullet which lodges near his spinal cord and leaves him paralyzed from the waist down. While Officers Webster and Danko pursue the investigation, Willie must decide whether or not to enter into a dangerous surgical procedure to remove the bullet. In addition, his fiancée Nancy struggles with her commitment not only to a man who may be paralyzed, but also to the sacrifices required of a police officer's wife.moreless
  • The Informant
    The Informant
    Episode 4
    While doing routine automobile spot checks, Webster and Gillis uncover a petty thief involved in a larger fur robbery ring. The man agrees to provide information to help convict the two men who orchestrated the scheme. However, due to a technicality, the trial is dismissed and the men set their eyes on revenge.moreless
  • Dead, Like a Lost Dream
    The Internal Affairs department is getting reports of police shakedowns. Among the accused is Officer Webster and some of his classmates from the Police Academy's recent graduating class. After the investigation begins, Lieutenant Ryker receives an anonymous phone call claiming detailed proof of the corruption in his squad. When he arrives to meet the accuser, he is shot.moreless
  • Concrete Valley, Neon Sky
    In the introductory episode of the series, the presence of several street gangs contributes to a tension-filled atmosphere. The Rookies are assigned the challenge of maintaining order amongst the rivaling street gangs, with Willie Gillis offering to take on the role of mediator between the gangs.
  • The Rookies
    The Rookies
    Episode 1
    Terry, Willie, and Mike go through rigorous training before being given their first assignments, which turn out to be not what they expected.