The Rookies (1972)

Season 1 Episode 8

The Bear That Didn't Get Up

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 1972 on ABC
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The Bear That Didn't Get Up
During a robbery, Webster and Gillis pursue fleeing suspects. Believing he is being fired on, Gillis returns fire, gravely wounding unarmed an teenager, who later dies on the operating table. While on mandatory leave, Gillis begins receiving anonymous calls telling him that he did not kill the young man, which leads the team to investigate.moreless

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      • Mrs. Felker: You see, he's crazy. That's all.
        Gillis: Well, I don't know about that Mrs. Felker. He's had a few beers too many, I'll grant you that, but, well I'm sure that by tomorrow morning.
        Mrs. Felker: Tomorrow morning? What do you know about anything? Now look at you. You're a baby. A baby telling me about life. How could you anything about life? How?
        Gillis: I read a lot.

      • Mr. Felker: I don't see how that's a crime. I own that dumb TV set, don't I?
        Webster: Your wife owns half of it, Mr. Felker.
        Mr. Felker: Well I kicked in my half, OK?
        Webster: No, not OK!

      • Watchman: Where have you been? I called in ten minutes ago.
        Gillis: Well we rolled as soon as we got the call, sir.
        Watchman: Yeah, I pay your salary, you know that?
        Webster: And I pay yours too, sir.
        Watchman: What?
        Webster: Well, you work for a tax supported institution and I pay taxes; so part of my money must go for your salary, right?

      • Webster: Willie will need a good lawyer for the inquest, right?
        Lt. Ryker: The Department provides you with one. That's also standard operating procedure.
        Gillis: Well, there are a lot of procedures around, aren't there?
        Lt. Ryker: Yes there are, including one I haven't told you about. You're on leave from duty until after the inquest.
        Webster: But that going to look like the Department thinks that Willie did something wrong when all he did was to...
        Lt. Ryker: Webster, I don't make the rules. That is Departmental procedure, it has always been Departmental procedure for as long as I've been on the force. Rookies have a two year probation period. I know that, you know that.
        Gillis: Hey, will you two just please shut up. You're all hung up on defending ridiculous police procedure and you, you're afraid it's going to look like I did something wrong. Well, I did do something wrong, I killed somebody. Maybe, uh, maybe it's understandable and, and, and legally defensible, but I killed a guy and if there's anything in this world that's wrong it's killing somebody.

      • (at target practice after completing his shooting)
        Gillis: When I was a, a kid, there used to be a penny arcade downtown. I'd go there a lot. There was this machine with a rifle and, and this bear that gave out this roar and turned around when you hit it just right. I just figured out what was wrong with that machine. When you hit it the bears always got up again. Real bears don't do that; when you shoot them, they stay shot. Somebody ought to make a machine like that someday.

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