The Rookies (1972)

Season 1 Episode 8

The Bear That Didn't Get Up

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 1972 on ABC



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    • Mrs. Felker: You see, he's crazy. That's all.
      Gillis: Well, I don't know about that Mrs. Felker. He's had a few beers too many, I'll grant you that, but, well I'm sure that by tomorrow morning.
      Mrs. Felker: Tomorrow morning? What do you know about anything? Now look at you. You're a baby. A baby telling me about life. How could you anything about life? How?
      Gillis: I read a lot.

    • Mr. Felker: I don't see how that's a crime. I own that dumb TV set, don't I?
      Webster: Your wife owns half of it, Mr. Felker.
      Mr. Felker: Well I kicked in my half, OK?
      Webster: No, not OK!

    • Watchman: Where have you been? I called in ten minutes ago.
      Gillis: Well we rolled as soon as we got the call, sir.
      Watchman: Yeah, I pay your salary, you know that?
      Webster: And I pay yours too, sir.
      Watchman: What?
      Webster: Well, you work for a tax supported institution and I pay taxes; so part of my money must go for your salary, right?

    • Webster: Willie will need a good lawyer for the inquest, right?
      Lt. Ryker: The Department provides you with one. That's also standard operating procedure.
      Gillis: Well, there are a lot of procedures around, aren't there?
      Lt. Ryker: Yes there are, including one I haven't told you about. You're on leave from duty until after the inquest.
      Webster: But that going to look like the Department thinks that Willie did something wrong when all he did was to...
      Lt. Ryker: Webster, I don't make the rules. That is Departmental procedure, it has always been Departmental procedure for as long as I've been on the force. Rookies have a two year probation period. I know that, you know that.
      Gillis: Hey, will you two just please shut up. You're all hung up on defending ridiculous police procedure and you, you're afraid it's going to look like I did something wrong. Well, I did do something wrong, I killed somebody. Maybe, uh, maybe it's understandable and, and, and legally defensible, but I killed a guy and if there's anything in this world that's wrong it's killing somebody.

    • (at target practice after completing his shooting)
      Gillis: When I was a, a kid, there used to be a penny arcade downtown. I'd go there a lot. There was this machine with a rifle and, and this bear that gave out this roar and turned around when you hit it just right. I just figured out what was wrong with that machine. When you hit it the bears always got up again. Real bears don't do that; when you shoot them, they stay shot. Somebody ought to make a machine like that someday.

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