The Rookies (1972)

Season 1 Episode 10

The Good Die Young

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 1972 on ABC
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The Good Die Young
When three single women are murdered, Webster and Gillis go undercover with two female officers at a singles apartment complex. The female officers serve as bait and Webster and Gillis as their protectors. When one of the officers is the next murder victim, the team must decide whether to end the operation or continue and risk another officer's life.moreless

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      • Jill: I'm not talking about being, am, you know, deliberately cruel, like setting out to hurt somebody, I just mean when it's a policewoman, it seems like you've automatically assumed her job is just to, am, search female suspects and keep records.
        Webster: I don't automatically assume anything. Although I know a lot them that do do that.
        Jill: That's not what the two you, am, you just met are going to do, is it?
        Webster: No, I never said that.
        Jill: You know, acting as bait for a man that's already killed three women is not exactly light housekeeping, is it?
        Webster: No.
        Gillis: That's why Ryker wanted volunteers to, ah, stake out that singles apartment.
        Webster: Look, I agree with everything you say, but I don't know why I'm prejudiced.
        Gillis: OK, I will, ah, tell you. Now you do think that Ryker's a little unfair towards policewomen, hmm?
        Webster: I suppose so.
        Gillis: And you were laughing about it.
        Jill : So, what does that make you?

      • Gillis: Is anything wrong?
        Officer Dawson: Oh, I was just thinking, ah, all I have to do now is enjoy myself while I wait for a guy that likes to kill people, girl people.

      • Lt. Ryker: All right, you men working patrol know what to look for. The rest of us will continue with Officer Conway at the apartment.
        Webster: Lieutenant, do you think that's wise?
        Lt. Ryker: No, I think it's stupid and dumb and inefficient. That's why I am ordering it to continue.
        Webster: All I meant was that we've already lost one officer there, and, ah...
        Lt. Ryker: I am well aware of that Officer Webster, more aware of it than you can possibly realize; because I gave the order. And I am now giving it again. Dismissed.

      • Webster: Dalton there?
        Officer Conway: Hew was, with a scratch on his neck.
        Webster: You know Peg, he's, ah, probably killed four people.
        Officer Conway: And I have no intention of becoming number five.
        Webster: Why don't you ask out of this?
        Officer Conway: Why?
        Webster: Words. Look, I know you well enough to know that I more than like you. I don't want to talk about love but ah, I, I care about you, worry about you, don't want anything to happen to you.
        Officer Conway: You didn't want anything to happen to Annie for that matter.
        Webster: No, but you know what I'm, I'm talking about.
        Officer Conway: We shouldn't wait around here. Let's get back to the precinct.

      • Lt. Ryker: Can I ask you a question off the record?
        Webster: Anything, Lieutenant.
        Lt. Ryker: Well, I try to keep up you know, try to look like I know what's going on, I don't want to offend anyone, I don't want to make a fool out of myself. You know what I'm saying?
        Webster: Yes, I, no, I'm not sure.
        Lt. Ryker: Handshakes, Webster. It seems like every week there's a new handshake. I mean, I go to shake hands with a guy, he slaps my palm, grabs my wrist, makes a fist. I mean I'm starting to wave at people just so I don't look out of step with what's going on. So how do I shake hands with you Officer Conway? (Officer Conway kisses him on the cheek) That's doesn't answer my question but it's nice!

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