The Rookies (1972)

Season 1 Episode 7

Time is the Fire

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 1972 on ABC



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    • Lt. Ryker: (entering locker room yelling) Danko! Danko, are you in here?
      Webster: He went back to the apartment for lunch.
      Lt. Ryker: Where have you two been?
      Webster: The riding boss said your call got jammed up in operations. said that he tried to call us but..
      Lt. Ryker: Riding boss just bought himself a suspension. You see Danko, get him to me.
      Webster: Lieutenant.
      Lt. Ryker: What?
      Webster: The person who kidnapped, ah, someone you know? Someone special?
      Lt. Ryker: No. Why?
      Webster: You seem a bit wound up.
      Lt. Ryker: I am wound up. A girl has just been kidnapped. Isn't that sufficient reason to be wound up?
      Webster: Yes, sir. Beg your pardon.
      Lt. Ryker: All right, Gillis, what about you?
      Gillis: What do you want me to apologize for Lieutenant? I didn't say anything to you.
      Lt. Ryker: Oh.

    • Lt. Ryker: All this information about the Sloan girl, did you get it out to the boys on the street?
      Danko: Yes, sir.
      Lt. Ryker: It doesn't say anything here about where she was born.
      Danko: I don't see what that's got to do with anything.
      Lt. Ryker: Find out where she was born.
      Danko: Do you mind if I ask why?
      Lt. Ryker: Danko, when I give you an order, I want it done, not challenged. Do you understand?
      Danko: Yeah, I understand. I was just asking the parents wanted...
      (Lt. Ryker falls over)
      Danko: Here, let me help you. (helps him back into his chair) Are you OK? You stay here, I'll get the doctor.
      Lt. Ryker: You'll do nothing of the kind. That's an order.
      Danko: Look, Lieutenant, something wrong with you.
      Lt. Ryker: Danko, I happen to getting over a slight case of the flu. Now that's all.
      Danko: Yes, sir.

    • (speaking to a gagged Andrea Sloan)
      Frank Queenlin: Did you ever wonder how come I, ah, I decided to put the grab on you? I mean, you know, instead of on someone else? Your picture, right here in this (the newspaper), about a month ago. Oh yeah, you were all dressed up, pretty white dress, and your old man was wearing a tuxedo. Remember it now? It was the debutante ball. Well, I got to thinking about that. And it just didn't seem right to me. Here I was, broke, hungry, I couldn't give you change for a penny. Yet there they go right on having the debutante ball for rich girls and their daddies in tuxedos. Somehow that just, that didn't seem right. But it's going to be right now. You just wait. Everything going to be just fine.

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