The Rookies (1972)

Season 1 Episode 11

To Taste of Terror

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 1972 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Lee Borden is looking at the directory of the apartment complex that Mike and Jill live in, he finds the Danko name only the first initial is S instead of M.

  • Quotes

    • Gillis: Hey, Mike, you got a problem, huh?
      Danko: Oh, nothing that a little water or a break in this heat wouldn't help.
      Webster: Yeah, this weather's kind of hard in some of the older models, eh?
      Danko: I'll ignore that, Webster. I'll even pretend you were talking about old Betsy here.
      Gillis: The older cops say that, ah, heat waves really bring out the freaks. You know, like the guy who put chicken fat in the kids' wading pools, remember?
      Webster: Yeah, well, that's not easily forgotten.
      Gillis: Hmm.
      Danko: (finishes adding water to car radiator) There. Now maybe the old feller can make it through the day.
      Webster: And if not, you just feel free to give us a call anytime.
      Danko: You got it!

    • Lt. Ryker: Not only is the answer no, I'm a little disappointed that you even asked the question.
      Danko: What am I supposed to do, just roll over and play dead?
      Lt. Ryker: No, but you should know that realistically there's not very much anyone can do.
      Danko: All right, suppose I tap my phone, I put a trace on it and when calls next time...
      Lt. Ryker: One, you're going to be tracing through to a pay phone. Two, if it is Borden, he's been doing a lot more than using your phone. He's been following Jill around; apparently he broke into the apartment.
      Danko: Right. What about that? Are you going to call that legal?
      Lt. Ryker: But you've got no proof, no proof that'll hold up in court. You'll never even get an indictment.
      Danko: All right. I'll, I'll tail the guy until I...
      Lt. Ryker: Until you get accused of harassment and then the case against Borden's brother will be thrown out of court, and he will have accomplished exactly just what he set out to accomplish.

    • Lt. Ryker: Danko. (walks over to Danko) Mike, if you were a guy with a regular job, you'd go up to Borden, punch him in the nose, we'd charge you with battery. First offense, you'd probably get off with probation. Then maybe, just maybe, Borden would leave your wife alone. But you don't have a regular job. You are a professional law enforcement officer; you start to forget that, you'll be off the force.
      Danko: Maybe I could do her a little more good if I was off the force. Tell me, Lieutenant, where does a cop go when he needs help, huh? What does he do?
      Lt. Ryker: You just tough it out. Tell your wife you love her, take her out to dinner tonight.
      Danko: That's not gonna cure anything.
      Lt. Ryker: Fear is not something you cure, Danko. It's something you learn to live with. Take the girl out to dinner.
      Danko: Is that an order?
      Lt. Ryker: No, but I can make it one. (smiles)
      Danko: Right.

    • Danko: Well, you remember that burglary call we took on that auto supply warehouse a couple of Sunday's ago?
      Webster: Yeah
      Danko: Well, it seems that Dave Borden's brother has started calling Jill. He's been trailing her. I think what he wants is for me to change my testimony. It's pretty hard to figure that a 459 could foul up your whole life. It's really been rough on me and Jill. It's bad for me as a cop because I know that it'd stop if told this freak I'd change my testimony at his brother's trial. Ah man, I, I don't know, I haven't been able to sleep thinking about it. Why not let the ape go free? Let him rob a million warehouses. I don't care what he does when I see that look in Jill's eyes.
      Webster: Mike, you can't hang yourself for what you think about doing.
      Gillis: Yeah you're, you're not a machine. You can't bust yourself for not knowing what to do.
      Webster: A guy will think about a lot of things. It's just human. And that's all a cop is, should be, human. Good human sometimes and sometimes, sometimes bad human. You can't expect yourself not to want to get out sometimes.
      Danko: I hear you man. And you're right. It's just that I gotta figure it out for myself. I can't let anything mess up what I got going with Jill.
      Jill: (coming out of the bedroom having overheard the entire conversation) Mike, would you change your testimony?
      Danko: I don't know.

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