The Rookies (1972)

Season 1 Episode 11

To Taste of Terror

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 1972 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Lt. Ryker: Not only is the answer no, I'm a little disappointed that you even asked the question.
      Danko: What am I supposed to do, just roll over and play dead?
      Lt. Ryker: No, but you should know that realistically there's not very much anyone can do.
      Danko: All right, suppose I tap my phone, I put a trace on it and when calls next time...
      Lt. Ryker: One, you're going to be tracing through to a pay phone. Two, if it is Borden, he's been doing a lot more than using your phone. He's been following Jill around; apparently he broke into the apartment.
      Danko: Right. What about that? Are you going to call that legal?
      Lt. Ryker: But you've got no proof, no proof that'll hold up in court. You'll never even get an indictment.
      Danko: All right. I'll, I'll tail the guy until I...
      Lt. Ryker: Until you get accused of harassment and then the case against Borden's brother will be thrown out of court, and he will have accomplished exactly just what he set out to accomplish.

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