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The Ropers

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Welcome to The Ropers guide at During Three's Company episode 51 "An Anniversary Surprise", Stanley Roper (Norman Fell) sells the building and now he and Helen Roper (Audra Lindley) must move out. This leads to them finally leaving in "Moving On" (episode 1 of The Ropers) to a new home. The Ropers meet Jeffrey P. Brookes III (Jeffrey Tambor), his wife Anne (Patricia McCormack), and their son David Brookes (Evan Cohen). At the end of Season 1, Larry comes to visit them, while at the beginning of Season 2, Jack, Janet and Chrissy come to visit. These, however, would be the only Three's Company crossovers in the series run. In 1980 the Ropers found a girl, Jenny Ballinger (Louise Vallance), in their storeroom. Tragically, The Ropers was cancelled after the second season. The Ropers would later visit the Three's Company kids one more time in the episode "The Night of the Ropers". Show Type: Situation Comedy First Telecast: March 13, 1979 Last Telecast: May 15, 1980 Episodes: 28 Color Episodes Nielson Ratings Spring 1979: #8 Broadcast History Mar 1979-Apr 1979, ABC Tue 10:00-10:30 Aug 1979-Sep 1979, ABC Sun 8:30-9:00 Sep 1979-Jan 1980, ABC Sat 8:00-8:30 Jan 1980-Mar 1980, ABC Sat 8:30-9:00 May 1980, ABC Thu 9:30-10:00 Spun off from: Three's Company Based off of: George and Mildred Other Shows to check out: Three's A Crowd Man About the House Robin's Nest US/UK Cast Comparisons THREE'S COMPANY/MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE Jack Tripper....Robin Trip Janet Wood......Chrissy Plummer Chrissy Snow....Jo Stanley Roper...George Roper Helen Roper.....Mildred Roper Larry Dallas....Larry Simmons Lana Sheilds....N/A Ralph Furley....N/A Cindy Snow......N/A Terri Alden.....N/A THE ROPERS/GEORGE & MILDRED Stanley Roper.....George Roper Helen Roper.......Mildred Roper Jeffery Brookes...Jeffery Fourmile Ann Brookes.......Ann Fourmile David Brookes.....Tristam Fourmile Jenny Ballinger...N/A THREE'S A CROWD/ROBIN'S NEST Jack Tripper........Robin Trip Vicky Bradford.....Victoria Nicholls-Trip James Bradford.....James Nicholls Claudia Bradford...Gertrude Nicholls EZ Taylor..........Albert Riddle Intresting Facts: The Ropers started out as George and Mildred Roper for Three's Company Pilot #1. From Pilot #2 on, they became what we now know them as Helen and Stanley. Norman Fell was born in Philadelphia, PA. He died in 1998 due to cancer. Audra Lindley was born in Los Angeles, CA. She died in 1997 due to complications of leukemia. Jeffrey Tambor went on to become a star of the show Arrested Development. Audra Lindley had to retire her wig that she wore in the Three's Company episode "The Bake-off". Even though the cast was told never to break the fourth wall (the audience/cameras), Mr. Roper (Fell) was the only character to do so, due to the audience liking it so much. Mr. Roper (Fell) still does not know that Jack is not gay. Mr. Roper (Fell) still can be heard saying, "Not tonight Helen, I gotta headache." Mrs. Roper (Lindley) is still spending alot of money on food, and her shawls and muumuus. DVD Releases from Three's Company/Three's A Crowd: Three's Company, Season 1: November 11, 2003 Three's Company, Season 2: May 4, 2004 Three's Company, Season 3: November 9, 2004 Three's Company, Season 4: May 3, 2005 Three's Company, Season 5: October 4, 2005 Three's Company, Season 6: March 7, 2006 Three's Company, Season 7: July 25, 2006 Three's Company, Season 8: October 10, 2006 Three's A Crowd, Season 1: ??? ??, ????moreless