The Ropers

ABC (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Mother's Wake
      Mother's Wake
      Episode 22
      Helen's mother surprises Helen and her sisters by deciding to hold her own catered wake during her visit at Helen's house. Meanwhile, Jeffrey throws his back out while visiting the Ropers and becomes stuck in one of their chairs.
    • Four Letter Word
      Four Letter Word
      Episode 21

      Running out of money, Stanley is forced to take a job on the killing floor at his brother-in-law Hubert's meat packing plant. However, he has a change of fortune when he discovers Hubert is secretly planning to take his secretary to Acapulco.

    • The Rummage Sale
      The Rummage Sale
      Episode 20
      Helen accidentally donates a box of Stanley's adult magazines to a rummage sale being held at Jeffrey's church. In the meantime, Stanley mourns the death of his pet parakeet.
    • Old Flames
      Old Flames
      Episode 19
      Stanley becomes jealous when Helen insists on reuniting with an old boyfriend who is in town, so he attempts to reconnect with an old girlfriend to get even. In the meantime, David trades Jeffrey's model train set for Stanley's old inner tube.
    • Man About the House
      Anne goes to an out of town baby shower, leaving her not-so-able husband in charge of David. When Jeffrey realizes he's late for an important meeting, he is forced to leave his son in the care of Stanley, not knowing that Stanley has plans to go to a poker game.
    • The Other Woman
      The Other Woman
      Episode 17
      Helen believes Stanley is having an affair with a woman named Lucille after intercepting a phone call, then thinks her suspicion has been confirmed when she finds them together at a French restaurant. Meanwhile, Jeffrey thinks that strenuous exercise and less sleep will help him land a lucrative sales job.
    • Family Feud
      Family Feud
      Episode 16
      Stanley and Jeffrey plan to put on a puppet show to celebrate Helen's and David's shared birthdays. When Stanley inadvertently reveals the location of the present Jeffrey planned to surprise David with, a big fight ensues which threatens to ruin David's eighth birthday and destroy Anne's and Helen's friendship.
    • Of Mice and Horses
      Of Mice and Horses
      Episode 15
      Helen's sister Ethel is told by their mother that Helen is in possession of a $20,000 figurine from the Ming Dynasty that was handed down from their father, and Ethel is determined to get it for herself before Helen realizes its value. Meanwhile, Anne wants to get David a white mouse to reward him for good grades.moreless
    • Jenny's Date
      Jenny's Date
      Episode 14
      Upset that Helen is spending so much time and money fussing over Jenny's appearance, Stanley secretly offers Jeffrey's visiting nephew $50 to take Jenny on a date, much to the chagrin of Jeffrey and Helen.
    • And Who's Been Sleeping in My . . . ?

      Stanley and Helen discover a young woman has been living in their upstairs store room for the past two weeks, and Helen tries to convince Stanley to let her stay. In the meantime, Jeffrey decides it's time to teach David about the facts of life.

    • The Other Man
      The Other Man
      Episode 12
      Helen tells Stanley she has a Latin lover named Ramon in order to make him jealous. The plan goes awry when Stanley calls her bluff, and Jeffrey and Anne are separately motivated to secretly aid Helen's goal.
    • The Skeleton
      The Skeleton
      Episode 11
      Jeffrey gets an unexpected visit from his Uncle Bill, who is a hobo. Jeffrey experiences extreme stress and embarrassment when Stanley hires him as a handyman and he attends a political fundraiser that Jeffrey is hosting.
    • Helen Makes Music
      Helen Makes Music
      Episode 10
      Helen wants a new electric organ, which Stanley refuses to buy. The Brookes ask her to show a rundown townhouse to a prospective buyer as a favor when an emergency comes up, which results in an unexpected and awkward situation.
    • Pal Joey
      Pal Joey
      Episode 9

      Desperate to impress her snobbish sister Ethel, Helen forces Stanley to buy her new furniture by paying his friend Joey $40 to empty out their living room. Joey gives Stanley a great price on a new set of furniture, but panic sets in as Ethel is about to arrive and Helen realizes Stanley just bought Ethel's old furniture.

    • Odd Couples
      Odd Couples
      Episode 8
      Stanley claims that a fire that broke out in his kitchen was due to faulty wiring, and Jeffrey fears that property values will plummet if others in the community find out. He invites the Ropers to stay in his home while theirs is repaired, and goes out of his way to accommodate Stanley's increasingly obnoxious behavior in a futile effort to keep him quiet.moreless
    • All Around the Clock
      On their 23rd anniversary, Stanley gives Helen a clock he claims is an antique, and she gives him a smoking pipe. When they discover the Brookes have been robbed, Helen fears she is in possession of their antique clock, and tries to sneak it back into their house.
    • Puppy Love
      Puppy Love
      Episode 6
      Stanley loses Muffin, Helen's puppy, and tries to cover it up by purchasing a look-alike puppy. In the meantime, David Brookes wants a puppy of his own.
    • Two for the Road
      Two for the Road
      Episode 5
      Jeffrey and Stanley get into big fights with their respective wives and become pals after getting intoxicated at the bar in the community recreation room. Drunken Jeffrey offers to let Stanley use his car the next day, which ultimately results in both men sharing a jail cell.
    • Baby Talk
      Baby Talk
      Episode 4
      After spending an evening babysitting David Brookes, Helen decides she wants to adopt a child, and Stanley is happy to go along with it because he thinks it'll take her attention away from him. However, they overlook one glaring obstacle.
    • Power Play
      Power Play
      Episode 3

      Just as Helen's sister Ethel and brother-in-law Hubert are about to arrive for a highly anticipated dinner party, their power is cut off because Stanley didn't to pay the bill. He's determined to keep this fact from Helen and her guests by secretly using the Brookes' kitchen and electricity while they are away visiting Jeffrey's aunt.

    • Days of Beer and Rosie
      Stanley is confronted by a man who contends Stanley is his father, showing him evidence that he spent the night with his mother on V-J Day, exactly nine months before he was born. In the meantime, Jeffrey wants to send his son David to a private school.
    • The Party
      The Party
      Episode 1
      The Ropers get into a fight because Helen feels that Stanley is taking her for granted. Stanley attempts to make up by planning a surprise party at the townhouse with the help of his former tenants, Jack Tripper, Janet Wood, and Chrissy Snow.
  • Season 1