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    Hello everyone, I am excited to point out that the new cable station(first started January 2011)has begun showing reruns of The Ropers, Mon through Thursday at 5:30PM and 12:30AM(following Three's Company). According to the site and other sources Three's A Crowd will begin airing after the final episode of Three's Company has aired(probably around the Summer or Fall 2011). Other shows have begun airing as well, the biggest joy of this channel for me are the re-airings of 80's TV shows that haven't been aired in years as well as obscure spin-offs.

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    It's October, 2014 and I have had the pleasure of seeing quite a few of these hidden 1980's gems. I've tried to write reviews wherever I could, with a lot of detail (more like a synopsis). I'm very thankful to Antenna TV for this and some other shows (some which I have watched, some I have not). If you've never seen one, it's kind of like what you liked about Three's Company, but not in an apartment and not featuring the sex appeal or "will they or won't they?" questions you enjoyed on Three's. You get the family next door, and some mature relationships jokes. The Ropers tried to appeal to a broader audience. Also they brought in a younger character at the last minute and although just what the doctor ordered, maybe a little late before the network seemingly dunked the show into the abyss opposite CHiPS, which was a juggernaut.

    I think the main problem people had with the show is whoever liked Three's because of the maturity and innuendo wouldn't find that here, and those who never watched Three's in the first place who would like the show, assumed it would be full of sex and would have avoided it, even though it was pretty family friendly, prejudicing it before even viewing. That, and the horrible time slot they stuck Ropers into, as if the network destined it to fail. The quality of the writing is pretty good and the talent is great. If you don't believe me, just try to watch Jeffrey Tambor and NOT crack up. He's just hysterical in anything, playing the hystrionic yet distinguished-looking characters.

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