The Ropers

Season 1 Episode 2

Friends and Neighbors

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 1979 on ABC

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  • The Ropers make their presence known in their new environment....and its hilarious

    This would be the first episode to really begin showing the direction the series would go, while the pilot just introduced new characters, this really kicked things into high gear. Stanley begins to enjoy his role as tenant and decides to decline and invite to attend a dinner with the buildings Landlord the Brookes(to Jeffrey's Tambors enjoyment)however, when he decides to go over and ask Helen for something, he forgets the door lock automatically and gets locked out...the funny part is all he has on is his robe, lol. This is a typical sitcom from the early 80's, but just like its parent show it begins to push the line in censorship(Stanley says Damn OH NO!! lol). I love the ending, it really caps the episode off nicely. I hope this gets a DVD treatment, it really is underrated.