The Ropers

Season 2 Episode 18

Man About the House

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 1980 on ABC

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  • Jeffrey Tambor being a usual ham

    Anne is leaving to go visit her sister for 3 days for a baby shower and is trying to remember everything. She has the phone number of the babysitter by the phone but she keeps forgetting things and is coming up with reasons to stay, as she'd never left David alone. Meanwhile, Jeffrey assures her everything is going to be fine.

    Without mom, there's a very funny scene where Jeffrey ruins dinner, with a lot of pantomimed/choreography in the kitchen. It honestly rivaled Jack Tripper as far as its detail and effort. In walks Helen with a meal at the perfect time, and now David wants to leave the table to read his book for Friday. Evidently Jeffrey forgot he had a big business dinner thinking it was Wednesday, so Helen offers Stanley to sit with David, as Helen has a sculpting class. Jeffrey reluctantly agrees to let Stanley sit quote his only son unquote.

    Over at the Ropers, Stanley is practicing his poker skills against himself, planning on the big poker game tonight. Helen is annoyed with Stanley given his past losses. Helen tells Stanley he's not going to the game, they'll need to find "some other Stanley, irritated, agrees to sit David. Helen has a lovely floral caftan on with one of her crocheted shawls in a light pink and Stanley has on his traditional one piece jumpsuit with the belt plus the cardigan with the patches over the elbows.

    I guess the writers needed a reason for them to get bored, so they wrote into the script that David is not allowed to watch TV. Stanley offers to play poker with David for pennies at the table but the act of playing poker is starting to make Stanley desperate for the poker game at Joey's. To make things worse, Joey comes over and starts pumping up Stanley about the game and how awesome it will be, offers him a cigar (then wants $.40 for it). Joey talks about how their friend Gordy left Gambler's Anonymous and now will be at the game, plus he will be bringing a ton of cash with him, since his relative died and left it to him. Joey remarks what a surprise this was for Gordy to do, knowing Stanley would be there (since Stanley took him for everything he was worth at the last game). Stanley's eyes light up but he knows he can't go and divest Gordy of his recent inheritance because of babysitting David.

    After Joey finally leaves them, David offers to read Stanley a book about Bobo the Bear, but Stanley is so bored that he tries to enlist David on sneaking over to the poker game. They eventually decide to go to the game with Helen at her sculpting class. Stanley decides to lie to Helen in a little note, saying he's taken David to the aquarium (why not, it's true right? he's trying to catch a big fish!)

    When Helen returns, sculpture in hand, she can read through Stanley's note and she knows he's really at the poker game. She makes a call to Joey calling Stanley's bluff (she knows what the score is). What will happen when Stanley does not beat Mr. Brookes to her door? The next few minutes are beyond bizzare, as Helen tries to stall for time, knowing that Stanley is coming home. Will Stanley and David keep the secret they were up to no good while Mr. Brookes was at his business dinner?