The Ropers

Season 2 Episode 22

Mother's Wake

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 15, 1980 on ABC

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  • A nice way to say goodbye

    I'm not sure the cast and crew of The Ropers knew or not if this would be their last show. But they did go out with a bang. It more or less emotionally ties up the cast in a way that would be appropriate for a farewell show.

    First, you start with the three ladies, Jenny, Mrs. Roper and Anne, doing some aerobics. I believe Jenny has on suspenders and some parachute looking pink pants. Anne has on a leotard and tights and Mrs. Roper has on a 2 piece outfit. As they stretch and work out, the gag is that Mrs. Roper is tired and isn't able to fully participate. Just then Stanley walks into talk about what a waste of time working out is. How it leaves you right where you are. Anne defends Jeffrey, who she states has been feeling great now that he's running 2 miles per day. Stanley asks, "And where does he end up afterwards?" "At "See?"

    Jeffrey runs just then (in a silly jogging suit) and sees the ladies working out. But he tells Stanley his car has rolled back into the neighbor's yard, so Stanley has to go out and get it. Always bossy, Jeffrey takes in the ladies' work out, and starts saying, "No, no, you're doing it all wrong! Do it like THIS!" and he proceeds to stretch in a hilarious way, with his sweatband on his head from running. Unfortunately he's got a bad back and he tweaks it in a crazy silly windmill-type stretch and cannot move. Ann asks him he she can get a back pill for his pain and he says, no, last time I took one he basically was higher than a kite. Jenny forces the Ropers' desk chair under him and he seizes in pain. So he asks for a back pill.

    Meanwhile, Mama comes in. Apparently, she and Jenny have already met! She starts off with her usual gag of getting everyone's names and identities wrong and thinks Mr. Roper is one of the other sons in law. But Helen asks why Mama's come to visit, and she tells that she is getting on in years, and what good is all her money to her now? She may as well start spending it and sharing it with her loved ones as it's doing her no good to hang on. Helen asks if she'll be getting anything, and Mama replies something like, sure you will Hilda, as long as your husband loves me too. Excited, Stanley goes to pay for the cab saying, "Nothing's too good for you, Helen is confused not knowing which daughter Mama thinks she is. Oddly enough, caterers wearing red vests and white shirts start coming in with hors d'oeuvres. Stanley's like, we didn't order any of this and we're not paying. Mama announces that she's ordered it--for her wake.

    I think it cuts to commercial here, so for act 2, Jeffrey is in the chair getting more and more loopy but he still can't get up. The rest of the episode he's in the chair the entire time, which is always being moved around comically. Ethel comes in with Hubert and then Hilda comes in with her husband who's now pregnant with #6. The remainder of the episode is funny, containing gags about birth control, confusing the siblings and their respective husbands in very funny situations, and Jeffrey looped out in his chair.

    At one point, Jeffrey is talking to one of the very scantily-clad and bouncy neighbors. I think her name is Bunny or something like that. She asks Jeffrey would he like an hors d'ouevre, and just then Anne goes, "He's my husband. He can get that at Jeffrey is then moved to the kitchen where Mama and Hilda are talking. Mama mistakes Jeffrey for Hilda's husband and makes a few ribald jokes about Hilda's condition and how Jeffrey needed to control himself.

    At long last, you get to see the distribution of the contents of Mama's lock box. Ethel, who's been sucking up to Mama the whole time makes sure Momma knows she's "Ethel, not Mama goes, "Who's Helen-Ethel?" So she proceeds to give Ethel some Tucker auto stock. Then Mama gives Helen some Pierce-Arrow stock. She gives Hilda something else, all worthless. Then she finds another item, IBM stock, 1000 shares. Everyone's eyes go huge. But Mama decides to keep it for herself saying it might be worth something some day.

    The last episode ends in a group hug with more or less the entire cast and Jeffrey, still looped out in his chair.