The Ropers

Season 2 Episode 22

Mother's Wake

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 15, 1980 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Although Helen's mother appeared in four episodes, her name was never revealed.

    • Helen's sister Hilda previously appeared in the episode "Family Planning", but is played by a different actress in this episode.

    • Just after Helen jokes that Stanley treats his body like a museum, the camera angle changes. While Jenny says "Okay, back to work Mrs. Roper", the chair in front of the couch moves a short distance to the left, even though nobody is near it.

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • Helen makes a comment in the Tag scene that her and Stanley may not always be here which was in reference to the episode. But it could also be applied to the Ropers having their own show on ABC which was cancelled after this episode.

    • Evan Cohen (David Brookes) does not appear in this episode.

    • The Ropers' UK counterpart, George and Mildred, was cancelled due to the death of Yutha Joyce (Mildred Roper) after the production of the George and Mildred Movie.

    • After their series is cancelled, Stanley and Helen Roper make one last appearance on Three's Company in the episode "Night of the Ropers". By the time they make this appearance, the Suzanne Somers conflict had already taken place. Sadly they do not get to reunite with Suzanne Somers (Chrissy), but instead meet Jenilee Harrison (Cindy). It was the episode right after Suzanne Somers made her final appearance that the Ropers returned.

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