The Ropers

Season 2 Episode 19

Old Flames

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 15, 1980 on ABC

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  • Wow, Helen does have other styles of clothes

    I noticed this ep was coming up on Antenna TV (The Ropers airs in the 30 minute slot after Three's Company from the time it aired on the Three's Company cycle until The Ropers ends).

    Jeffrey had bought earlier for David a train set and is now giving him a conductor's hat to go with it, unfortunately in Jeffrey's size. Anne is annoyed with Jeffrey's immature and selfish behavior but David evens the score by saying he has traded his trainset to Stanley for a patched tire tube.

    At the Ropers, Jeffrey wants to trade back to get David's train, and Helen is bringing her mother for a visit for a few hours. In they walk with Mama wearing the shawl Helen was wearing last week (the pink). There are a few gags about Mama not knowing Stanley and mixing him up with Hubert (Ethel's husband). And Stanley being the name of the elevator.

    But Mama has some news that she has heard from a man from their hometown named Tom Cummins. This is soeone Helen knew from the war as a dashing young man in uniform and the most good looking man in uniform from her days in the USO. Mama says he wants to meet Thursday the 3rd, and Helen says that that is today. Mama says he wants to meet at the Wilshire Fairmont hotel for a reunion. Stanley says he can't believe she's actually thinking she's going.

    Stanley has come back from a trip driving Mama to Ethel's and he reports that the car needs shockds--he hit a pothole and Mama's false teeth flew out. (Stanley mugs to the fourth . Meanwhile, jenny is thoroughly bored with sketching fruit and asks stanley to pose. He accepts, she asks him to disrobe and he declines. As she leaves, Stanley reports to helen he wants to meet oneone of the other girlsgirls he knew before meeting helen. She asks, oh her, what was her name, I forget. Turns out there was only one, Gloria Mealy.

    Later, helen comes down the stairs dressed in their red dress and shawl, which is a shorter dress but with kimono sleeves in a red floral. She spritzes herself with a ton of perfume which she has just bought-- Desire, stanley reads the box. Desire sets the mood for passion. Helen leaves, stanley picks up the phone and dials information. He asks for Gloria mealyy's phone number, and then calls her, nshe wants to meet with him and leaves his number, 555-3099. They agree to meet at the Wilshire Fairmont hotel at 8, same time as Helen's date with tom.

    At the hotel bar, helen waits for tomtom and the bartender asks for a drink order. He explains the house cocktail, 3 _fruit juices with vokda and she orders it without the juice. Tom comes in and he looks great, saying all the right things. He asks her to his room and she has to take a step back and explain she is married. He says, no we have the whole group fro the USO (he actually names names, u fortunaly, I can only remember Eleanor and Shirley). She is pleased and leaves for his private room.

    Meanwhile, stanley comes in and looks for helen and starts waiting for Gloria. But Gloria comes in and she is not what you'd expect. She is played by Gloria LeRoy, also in Three's Company as the secretary of Furley's brother Bart. But she plays a character who's only after a good time and an expensive meal. The bartender points her to Stanley's booth but he's not there. He's gone home to prepare.

    When helen arrives home and stanley questions her, she reveals that she had a great time but it was time for her to leave and stanley reveals his surprise.. A decorated dining room with with e bottles and acandles and a pizza dinner.