The Ropers

Season 2 Episode 17

The Other Woman

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 01, 1980 on ABC

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  • Jeffrey steals this one

    The whole show is quite dull for the most part but there are some very funny gags and writing that starts slow but finishes quite big. The Ropers is starting to give Helen more of a range than you'd have ever seen in Three's Company.

    Opens to a cute gag with Jenny attempting to teach Helen how to boogie, with Helen in a pink floral caftan and Jenny wearing a pink button shirt and suspenders. The main story has Helen intercepting a piece of mail from the VA containing a check for $300. Helen wonders what Stanley is going to buy her. A few laughs on recurring themes about Stanley being cheap and not wanting to get with Mrs. Roper.

    Meanwhile, at the Brookeses, Jeffrey has developed a system to increase his productivity. Much to the chagrin of his tired family, involving sleeping less but taking short catnaps through his day. But it turns out he can't control when these happen.

    In the main plot, we have some gags about Staney's frugality and how he's bad at lying because he gets busted cold trying sneak out of the house. Helen appears heartbroken since she believes his trip has to do with a mystery phone call, so Jenny attempts to cheer her up and they decide to dine and "that little French restaurant around the corner, Chez Marcel" or something like that. They try to talk to neighbor Jeffrey about it just at the same time as he can't help but doze off and they end up thinking he's ignoring them.

    Meanwhile, Jeffrey attempts to meet with Mr. McLaughlan (played by the actor you'll see from Three's Company as Mr. Angelino) about a lead salesman job for Silver Pines (or something like that). Some of the funniest I've ever seen this show was in this next scene.

    At the French Restaurant (in fact, I believe it was the same set from an episode of Three's about the same time as when Jack and Chrissy and Lee Tripper went out to a French place), you'll see what you know is otherwise but it appears to be Mr. Roper's clumsy pass at the "other And back at the house, the couple find out the misunderstanding and it all ends happily again (as usual, with Jenny providing the necessary common sense to find that middle ground).


    And for posterity: do you want to know what the engraving on the locket that Stanley pays $300 for?

    "To Helen, A locket to wear close to your heart, where I always want to be. Your
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