The Ropers

Season 2 Episode 1

The Party

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 15, 1979 on ABC

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  • A classic episode for a great show.

    This was the only episode of The Ropers that I saw. When I first saw it I thought it was a Three's Company episode, but until I saw the apartment that the Ropers were living in. In this episode Mr. Roper is trying to surprise Mrs. Roper with a party. He gets some help from Jack Tripper, Janet Wood, and Chrissy Snow. They all are sneaking around trying to make sure Mrs. Roper doesn't find out about the party. Mr. Roper had Jack go to a neighbors with a bag of stuff that was for the party. When the party was going on Mrs. Roper was a no show because she thought something was on between Mr. Roper and woman. So, she didn't want to go home. I can't remember, but I think something happened to Mrs. Roper, and when she got home she was a mess. At the party Mrs. Roper asked Mr. Roper if he was seeing another woman. He told her no that the other woman he was with, I believe, was Chrissy and Janet, and they were helping him with the party planning. In the end Mrs. Roper forgave Mr. Roper, and they had a fun time at the party.
    This was a great episode. It has been a while since I have seen it, but I remember it a little bit. It reminded me so much of Three's Company with the miss understandings. This was a funny episode to watch. I am glad that I at least got to see one episode of The Ropers, and that the episode I saw was this one.
  • Usually on Tvland this air's as an episode of Three's company.However it's just great, in this episode Mr.Roper wants to surprise Mrs.Roper by learning how to dance by Chrissy and Janet. However his neigbor Geoffery Brooks see's him dancing with 2 young w

    Without a doubt the funniest episode of the Ropers. I thought this was a Three's company episode, boy was I wrong. This episode is hillarious especially when Brooks looks out at the window seeing Roper dance with Janet and Chrissy. He goes crazy and takes a hose and wets his pants. That is hillarious. Also when Jack is in Brook's house and his wife fall s on top of a stand into Jack's hands and Brooks sees them in a uncomforting position that was great. Brooks and Jack have a confrontation and Jack says " I know Kung Fu!" and then Brooks is like "Okay we can settle this." That was just hillarious, great episode and the acting by Brooks and Roper is hillarious! Funny episode.