The Roswell Conspiracies

(ended 2000)


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  • My favorite tv series ever!

    I start watching Roswell Conspiracies in 2000 on Super RTL - a German TV station for children. Unfortunately, the television series was not broadcast for years. Therefore it would be nice if more episodes would appear on DVD. It would be great if DVDs appear in Germany, too.

    The series isn't only for children - it is also for adults. It is a big saga, which starts little an becomes bigger and bigger end end in a big finale!
    The special thing on the series is, that everything is mysterious and every character is so different from the other. The series followed the story of Nick Logan (first bounty hunter then Alliance agent), as he struggled to uncover the mystery behind his missing father. The Alliance is a top secret government agency, who fights a clandestine war against hidden alien tribes living on the Earth. Logan finds out that there is a huge conspiracy inside the Alliance.

    All in all it is very exciting and mysterious, you should watch this series!
  • Wicked show!

    I've watched this show everyday since it showed up on CN and I *worship* it! They should make a sequel about it... or better still a MOVIE! I like all the Alliance chars and all the alien villians, and there hasn't been a single episode I haven't missed... or drooled over! Psychotic as it sounds, I think this show should be shown to the entire planet!And yeah, it BADLY needs a DVD feature! Today! NOW!
  • Great show!

    I won't lie, this show is simply awesome!

    The storylines are mysterious and well-written, loads of humor, and very scary scenes. In other words, Cool.

    This show is one of the best to ever appear on CN and should definetly be brought back. And what would be better is a feature DVD release.
  • This is a great show. Deeply involving and quite angsty, with a remarkably complex storyline for a kid' show. Although I only watched the first fifteen episodes, I was really fascinated by the complex characters and the witty dialogue.

    This show is by far my all-time favorite. The dialogue is quippy, edgy, with alot of nice one-liners that make every moment a riot. I especially love the subtle psychological warfare that goes on b/w Logan and general Rinaker in many of the episodes. Fitz and Nema are both really funny side-characters, and the way they cover up all the Alliance's messes from the public is Oscar-worthy. Shlainn is probably one of my favorite characters- I LOVE her accent and the often comic way she deals with her hang-ups.
    The romance b/w her and Logan is both sexy and hilarious.