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Clip: Lifetime Achievement Award in Terrifying Creepazoiditude: Terence Stamp


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Whether Terence Stamp plays that one scary guy in "Superman II" or that one disturbing guy in "Wall Street," he's always horribly creepy about it. The Rotten Tomatoes Show honors his dedication to freaking us out on film with the Lifetime Achievement Award in Terrifying Creepazoiditude. The Rotten Tomatoes Show is a movie review show that airs on Thursday nights at 10:30 e/p on Current TV. From reviews of the newest releases to commentary on cult favorites and movie trends, each episode of The Rotten Tomatoes Show is a fast-paced, comedic journey through the week in cinema. For more from the Rotten Tomatoes Show: http://rottentomatoesshow.commoreless
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