The Rough Riders

ABC (ended 1959)





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  • Kent Taylor, Peter Whitney, and Jan Merlin as weary veterans of the Civil War.

    This show had three very charismatic, appealing leads.

    The three heros of "The Rough Riders" were recently discharged soldiers after the end of the Civil War. Two fought for the north and one for the south. This series probably inspired Nick Adams'"The Rebel" and the Lloyd Bridges/Rod Serling series "The Loner".

    Kent Taylor gave a fine performance as a former Union army captain who was the leader of the three "Rough Riders". Taylor must have been in his late forties or early fifties when he did this series. He was a dandy star of many B-movies. Clark Kent got his last name from Kent Taylor. (Clark Kent got his first name from another virile movie star named Clark Gable.) Kent Taylor had previously made a memorable "Boston Blackie" on TV. Taylor's captain was the least emotional, most stoic, and smartest of the Rough Riders.

    Peter Whitney was the second Rough Rider. Whitney played a tough ex-Union army sergeant who served during the war with Kent Taylor's captain. Whitney must have been approaching forty. He was the slowest thinking of the three but also the strongest. Whitney was a fine, heavy-set character actor.

    Jan Merlin was the third Rough Rider. Merlin played a former Confederate lieutenant named Kirby. He was blond, young, passionate, and quick to rile. He was also the ladies man of the three. He had a slow southern drawl and a great smile. Merlin was in his mid twenties.

    The series had nothing to do with Teddy Roosevelt's "Rough Riders" of the Spanish American war.

    The relationship between Kent Taylor, Peter Whitney and Jan Merlin kept "The Rough Riders" interesting. They were three fine actors.