The Roy Rogers Show

Season 6 Episode 12

Accessory to Crime

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Mar 03, 1957 on NBC

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  • A Capitolist crime

    The episode begins by Johnny walking into the store and inviting his dad to his Mineral City high school graduation, and to a celebratory steak dinner after work over at Dale's cafe. Johnny S. Williams, son of a poor storekeeper, hopes to attend college and become an automotive engineer, but his father Mack cannot finance his education unless he joins his unscrupulous store partner Frank in a smuggling scheme to smuggle belts across the Texas border. His partner plans to kill the dad as soon as the belts are in the store, having two of his cohorts rob the store and the belt shipment. Johnny is working in the store, sells the one expensive diamond-buckled belt to Pat, accidentally foiling the smuggling scheme. Johnny follows Frank to his fellow robbers but gets caught snooping. Roy, Dale and Pat rescue Johnny, then trick Frank into showing he knows about the smuggled expensive belt. The entire group of robbers are arrested and are put into jail. Pat buys another belt, but needs Bullet to bring it to him as he leaves town.