The Roy Rogers Show - Season 1

NBC (ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • Flying Bullets
    Episode 23
    Pat Brady is elected sheriff of Martin County just in time to apprehend the man who shot Appalachian mountaineer Cliff Miller.
  • Carnival Killer
    Carnival Killer
    Episode 22
    A young whip artist in a carnival is framed in the murder of his boss, who has opposed the young man's courtship of his daughter.
  • The Doublecrosser
    Episode 21
    Dale pretends to have funds she wants Mayor Ralph Colton to help her invest, only it's a pretext for her visit to the town where Colton is suspected of being dishonest. At the same time, the mayor's mother arrives in town along with Roy and Dale, unaware that her son is being blackmailed into shielding an outlaw gang.moreless
  • Ghost Town Gold
    Ghost Town Gold
    Episode 20
    Pat Brady buys a disreputable old ghost town called Lucky Springs, inhabited by an old desert rat named Webb Jenkins who has found a cache of counterfeit gold pieces.
  • Shoot to Kill
    Episode 19
    A photographer talks Pat into posing for a picture pretending to rob a stagecoach. Pat doesn't know that this picture will be the beginning of a lot of trouble for him.
  • 5/18/52
    A dying prospector tells Roy that the map of his gold mine is hidden in the lower end of a shaft in the old Bedford Mine. When his widow arrives in Mineral City, Roy and Dale set out to help her find the map.
  • The Hermit's Secret
    Episode 18
    Indian Ruby Barton's husband has been murdered by a former racketeer, now posing as a harmless old invalid. When guilt seems to point to Ruby's uncle, Roy and Dale investigate the case to try and clear the Indian of all charges.
  • Shoot To Kill aka Pat Brady, Outlaw
    Dale is on a stagecoach carrying her father's cattle money, as is a picture-taking dude named Elmer Kirby. Elmer asks Pat Brady to pose as a desperado for a photograph which he later tells everyone that the picture depicts vicious outlaw Mark Opal.
  • The Ride Of The Ranchers
    Don Jose traditionally leads the annual "Ride Of The Ranchers" procession in Paradise Valley. This year, during his absence, a gang of outlaws attack his hacienda where Dale and the other women are gathered. Roy returns in time to prevent Don Jose's strongbox from being taken.
  • Peril from the Past
    Episode 15
    Dude Dalhart and Cherokee Tim arrive in Mineral City and blackmail a bank teller who once killed a man and served a prison term for it. They threaten to reveal his past, which would cost him his job, unless he helps them stage a bank robbery.
  • 4/6/52
    An elderly invalid donates a large sum of money in cash for the construction of a clinic. When her cash is inadvertently turned over to a crook posing as an armed guard, Roy and Dale go after the imposter.
  • Ghost Gulch
    Episode 13
    Jim Barton finds himself in considerable trouble, much to the distress of his wife and housekeeper, when he is captured by an unscrupulous rancher who wants to buy his ranch, on which a gold mine has been discovered.
  • The Minister's Son
    Episode 12
    A government agent poses as a minister's son in order to capture a gang of counterfeiters.
  • Dead Men's Hills
    Episode 11
    Roy, Dale and Pat help a wounded sheriff hold the Hannon gang at bay in a desert oasis town near Dead Man's Hills.
  • The Outlaw's Girl
    Episode 10
    Thelma, a young and naive friend of Dale's, has fallen in love with a hard-nosed, vicious gangster named Chick Dillon.
  • 3/8/52
    Bank Employee Jed Collins is framed for embezzlement by the bank's head bookkeeper, who is in cahoots with the notorious Lawson gang. Jed is forced to join the gang until Roy can help prove his innocence, to the delight of Jed's trusting young daughter.
  • Outlaw's Town
    Episode 9
    A town in the desert, which has not yet been surveyed, is under no township or county's jurisdiction, and has become a haven for criminals who are safe from the law there. Roy and Pat pose as outlaws in order to invade "No Man's Land" and lead the criminals away from their protected area.moreless
  • 2/24/52
    Bill Harris is mistaken for his twin brother Jim, who was convicted for stealing important government documents.
  • Outlaw's Girl
    Outlaw's Girl
    Episode 7
    Thelma Young, a waitress in Dale's cafe, is interrogated by an government agent because she is romantically involved with Chick Dillon, a cheap thug who subsequently returns to Mineral City and kidnaps Dale and the foolish Thelma.
  • Badman's Brother
    Badman's Brother
    Episode 6
    Eleven-year-old Larry Trumball is loyal to his brother Stu, and because of that, keeps Roy and Dale from catching Stu after he has killed a man and committed a robbery. Although Larry appears incorrigible, Dale believes that "fundamentally, he's a fine boy," so she and Roy set out to teach him about misplaced loyalty.moreless
  • The Train Robbery
    Episode 5
    The local postmaster, who also runs the general store, hires two crooks to blow up and rob a train carrying a valuable bank shipment.
  • 1/27/52
    A scheming saloon hostess who married a miner and had him murdered after taking his treasure map, menaces her stepson in order to take possession of the third of the map which he holds.
  • The Set-Up
    Episode 3
    Roy blocks a gang's attempts to murder trapper Granny Hobbs after she refuses to sell her land. When the outlaws threaten to have Granny declared insane in order to take over her property, the clever old lady helps Roy and Dale set a trap for them.
  • 1/6/52
    Crafty old Doc Stevens drives around with a "traveling store," which is actually a blind for a transmitter used to send information to a gang of dangerous criminals.
  • Jailbreak
    Episode 1
    Dale helps a young man escape from jail after he has been falsely accused of the murder of his intended bride's father.