The Royal Jewels



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The Royal Jewels

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The Royal Jewels was a television special that aired on February 5th, 2002. This is an intriguing special that goes into detail about the many different and precious jewels in Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth's collection that far outshine any other collection in the entire world. It is said that these jewels are symbols of monarchy to be worn and seen by the people. Within this special, it goes into the history of the jewels and each of the unique pieces that they go into. This is not merely a documentary of the jewels that the Queen owns, it is of who owned them, where and when they made their debut within the monarchy, how they are used today and how they will be used in future monarchy events. The most astonishing element of this whole documentary is the cost of the jewels that encrust the jewelry. This is a remarkable documentary, not just because of the jewels, but because of the long history behind each individual stone.moreless

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