The Royal

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  • Season 8
    • The Enemy Within
      The Enemy Within
      Episode 12
      A can of worms is opened when Gordon attends to a local family's problems, and when violence spills onto the Royal's wards he gets caught up in the crossfire. Meanwhile, baby Aisling's adoption is final. However, Sister Brigid is confused by her feelings.
    • Below the Surface
      Below the Surface
      Episode 11
      Jean makes an announcement that the Casualty department may have to close at the Royal, following a financial package to repair it being rejected. With no people being admitted and emergency surgery, cost cutting by making a round of redundancies appears unavoidable, until they receive an offer to bail them out from a mysterious benefactor. Meanwhile, Jill endangers everything to rescue a trapped homeless man at a building site.moreless
    • A Hero For Our Time
      When a cowboy builder disconnects the wrong pipes, it causes injuries, mania, the casualty ward to be flooded with patients and a hefty repair bill. Meanwhile, a car crashes into a lake where Jack is on a fishing trip, and Jean is finding it difficult in her battle to raise funds to keep the hospital open.moreless
    • Dead Air
      Dead Air
      Episode 9
      A trip for an all-female group of passengers on a pirate radio ship ends badly when they're involved in a siege. Meanwhile, Gordon and Jill are left mystified when a Girl Guide leader miraculously recovers from a stroke.
    • Manoeuvres
      Episode 8
      The Ormerod family spend a day out at the park, which ends in tragedy, and Dr. Ellis risks getting involved too much with a troubled patient.
    • Tutti Fruitti
      Tutti Fruitti
      Episode 7
      The wife of an ex-lover of Jean's turns up at the Royal, making an accusation which brings a secret from her past back to the surface. Meanwhile, Jill and Sister Brigid deal with a married couple who hardly know one another, but are due to have a baby, and Alun at last has a girlfriend, until Jack by mistake destroys her ice-cream van.moreless
    • Please Release Me
      Following a visit from Gordon a cancer patient dies unexpectedly, leading to him being arrested after the grieving family points the finger at him. Meanwhile, a riot breaks out at a prison where Dr. Ellis is holding a clinic, leading to him being trapped, and when Jack needs a tetanus shot Faye has to overcome her phobia of needles.moreless
    • Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?
      Following the departure of Susie after her whirlwind courtship and marriage a new student nurse, Faye Clarke, arrives to take up her position at the Royal .Meanwhile receptionist Lizzie falls head over heels for a handsome stunt-riding motor-bike daredevil .
    • Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?
      After taking magic mushrooms a model collapses, giving shy new student nurse Faye Clark a testing first day. Meanwhile, Lizzie falls for an injured motorcycle stuntman who is convinced his destiny is to live fast and die young because of an hereditary condition. Gordon, however, has a different diagnosis.
    • Any Old Iron
      Any Old Iron
      Episode 4
      Susie's head is turned by a wealthy playboy, which creates a serious problem for Mr. Middleditch's wife when she neglects her duties and administers the wrong blood during a tranfusion, Gordon is called out by the coastguard to a stricken yacht where a grieving widow has got into some difficulty, and Jack and Alun look after a horse after it tramples its owner, a rag-and-bone man.moreless
    • These Foolish Things
      Gordon and Jack mount a daring cliff-top rescue when a family picnic goes wrong, Matron is put in an awkward position when an old friend appears to have syphilis, which her husband knew nothing about, Jack and Alun search for buried treasure underneath the hospital, and Jean gets to grips with her job as the new administrator.moreless
    • Counting Chickens
      Troubled Sister Brigid considers leaving the veil, until the Ormerods agree to adopt baby Aisling. Back at the Royal, Jack and Alun start a new scheme to bring up chickens, Jean is becoming more frustrated with Lizzie's incompetence, and Dr. Ellis is confronted with racial prejudice from parents when he diagnoses a school-girl with a rare disease she contracted abroad.moreless
    • Safe As Houses
      Safe As Houses
      Episode 1
      Gordon and Jill accompany Sister Brigid to Ireland for Moira's funeral, and while there uncover some shocking family secrets. Meanwhile, back at the Royal new locum Dr. Ralph Ellis finds himself in at the deep end, when a injured teenager at a children's home is reluctant to leave her sister to go to the hospital.moreless
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