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  • Best Medical Drama TV Show

    I love The Royal and my favourite character is Dr Jill Weatherill and Dr Gordon Ormerod I watch every day.
  • Absolutely brilliant

    Unfortunately if anything can go wrong it happens at The Royal but the story line and actors/actresses are just superb. I can't miss not one episode and have bought the previous series, it feels like i'm a part of the story. Also the way you see some of the actors/actresses come and go and then you see them now in other day to day soaps is amazing.

    I just love the show and wish we did have a Royal hospital like The Royal where the doctors, directors and staff cared about normal day to day people they do at The Royal. LOVE IT!!!

    What happens to Dr Omerond now and when or is there going to be another series??? I hope so!!!
  • Best Medical Program

    I got hooked on this series when I found then all online. Fine acting, cast, stories, and realistic injuries. The shows music brings back memories. The last show had Dr. Omerond badly injured, will the series continue? If not was there a future script that told what happened in the next show?
  • it was reported that the royal was going to be zxed but it is just supended to let the back log of episodes go

    it will return later this year to itv on a sunday night and it is series eight that is going to be shown on itv in spring this year cant wait for it to be on because it is a good show and realy getting to the point of the medical staff in the 1960's it is very serious but straight to the point when they try and get the point over about accidents and how serious they can be whey they are life threatening and they need urgent attention and surgery and they show how on the scene help they get
  • my review of the best programme ever made!

    This has to be my favourite programme ever!!! The storylines are fantastic, and they have such a strong cast. The show has a mix of experience and actors who are making their break, and they are doing it well! I luv the royal and will watch it forever! My fave characters Jill and Gordon have made me laugh, cry and everything in between. It feels like I've known them a lifetime, as I've watched the relationship develop, and the highs and lows of their relationship. Amy and Bob who play them are a fantastic team, and they are a credit to the royal. It simply wouldn't be the same without them!! *They should stay forever and ever*
  • I love the royal its my fav prog dont think its fair heartbeat lasts longer than the royal coz the royal is bettr my fav prsn on it has to be jill weatheril.amy robbins who plays her is a great actresss she was great wen she had to pretend to be in labour

    If dr jill wetherill left the royal it wouldnt be the same! i recon the royal would lose alot of viewers. Amy robbins and roberts daws are both 2 of my fav actors. The royal is a great programme. i want to be an actress hopefully. i hope to be on a medical drama. i am quite good so hopefully i might be able to go on the royal wen im older not now well im 13. so every1 look out for sarah h on the cast list in a few years!
  • Best British show of the 21st Century so far!

    This programme is really top notch. The acting and stories are right on target with astonishing consistancy, week in and week out.
    In a time when British tv and especially dramas are really poor, this is up there with the new Doctor Who as one of the leaders in terms of sheer quality of production.
    All of the principle cast are very solid in there performances. Amy Robbins and Robert Daws take the lead roles very well, with good support from Paul Fox, and with Michael Stark and Michelle Hardwick bringing some light relief from the drama.
    The thing that keeps it so fresh is the way that there are several intertwining plot lines in each episode, which often cross over.
    Overall, possibly the best drama of the 21st Century so far!
  • It hasn't faded with time.

    I love "The Royal", what started as a "Heartbeat" spin off became a decent show in it's own right. Sure the cast changes every season but the storylines are entertaining enough for you to forget about this. Another plus is they don't feel the need to use 1960s music in the backdrop, like they do in "Heartbeat"
  • A fan since the beginning - this first episode of the new series has turned me off forever! The graphic showing of such horrendous accidents ending with the death of Nurse Meryl Taylor made me physically sick!

    Although an avid fan of the show, after tonight`s epidode I shall not be watching it again!
    Yes, great acting, great production work but the story line is just too tragic.
    Actors come and go and I assume they needed to right Nurse Taylor out of the show but what a horrible, horrible way to do it!
  • Great Sunday night TV

    To be fair if you're looking for intellectually fripping TV, The Royal is probably not for you. It's good Sunday night TV. A good mix of drama, tragedy and comedy all mixed together with e happy ending at the end of every episode. The actors do a great job in creating the 60's feel. I love sitting down with my cuppa on a Sunday night watching this!