The Royle Family

Season 3 Episode 5

Antony's Going To London

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 2000 on BBC
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Antony's Going To London
Antony announces that he and Darren, the managers of their band 'Exit' are going to London to find a record deal, of course they get the usual barrage of insults from Jim and Dave, and Nanna contributes to the fund: 50p! But the biggest surprise of all comes from Denise!moreless

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      • Barbara: What food was there, Dave?
        Dave: Denise did the buffet.
        Jim(cackles): The ol' crisps and nuts, eh?
        Dave & Denise: Yeah.
        Dave: Well, just crisps.
        (Jim shoots a look to Denise)

      • Jim: Well, I tell you what- I bet that took some bloody organizing.
        Dave: Left that to our Denise.
        Denise(looks to Jim proudly.)
        Jim: What time did the old festivities finish?
        Dave: About ten.

      • Barbara: Dave, I forgot to ask you- How was your mum's sixtieth birthday do?
        Dave: It was great, thanks, Barbara. Went down to the Cellar. Everybody hid behind the curtains, you know, jumped out when she walked in.
        Barbara: How lovely! Who was there Dave?
        Dave: Well, mainly family. You know.
        Jim: Who was that, lad?
        Dave: Well, me and denise and me dad. You know, just immediate family, really.

      • Denise: Dad, don't say that. You're always 'orrible to our Antony. It's just not fair.
        Dave(surprised): Who're you?
        Denise: Well, he is my brother and I don't want anything bad to happen to him in London.

      • Jim: You take care of yourself, Antony. You look after yourself in London, son.
        (Barbara is speechless, amazed

        Jim: You're not bad lads, really. Hey, and if there's any trouble, you just call Mum at home right, and they'll have to answer to me and Dave. Right Dave?
        Dave: Yeah. We'll look after you, Antony.

      • Jim(to Antony): Hey! Don't go cuttin' the crisps that thin. You don't work for McDonald's. Yet.
        (good-natured laughing from everyone)

      • Norma(trying to remember an actress' name): She's got a cigarette in one hand and a glass of booze in the other.
        Jim: That's our Denise! guffaws
        Denise(indignant): Dad!

      • Denise: Mom, guess what, right? The other day, right, I just took me eyes off Baby David just for a second, while "Richard & Judy" was on, and the next thing he already tipped a full ashtray all over himself!
        Barbara: Ooooo! Oh, I bet he looked dead cute, didn't he?
        Denise: Yeah. I didn't have the heart to tell him off 'cause all of them're into everything at that age aren't they?

      • Norma: Where's Baby David, Denise?
        Denise: I don't kn-ah, upstairs.

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    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Barbara: Our Antony reminds me of.....Dick Whittington!-------refers to the myth of a poor boy who travelled to London and eventually became Mayor of the town.