The Royle Family - Season 1

BBC (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Xmas Special
    Xmas Special
    Episode 7
    Christmas Special episode.
  • The Wedding Day
    The Wedding Day
    Episode 6
    The morning of Dave and Denise's wedding arrives. Everything is going wrong for the bride who can't stop crying. Dave, Jim and Twiggy have some drinks in the kitchen, and Jim practices his "fatherly" speech. Cheryl thinks Twiggy is trying to "cop" with her, Nana is getting on everyones nerves and Antony got a haircut.moreless
  • Another Woman?
    Another Woman?
    Episode 5
    Denise and Dave come home from one of Dave's "gigs" arguing about Beverly Macca. Barbara consoles a drunk Denise, who tells her Dave was flirting with Beverly. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Dave tells Jim and Antony there was nothing in it. After a nice talk with Barbara and Jim she forgives Dave and the family engage in a sing-a-long with Jim's banjo.moreless
  • Jim's Birthday
    Jim's Birthday
    Episode 4
    It's Jims birthday! The family celebrate in their own style with cake, booze and photos. Meanwhile, Denise has a hangover although she claims it's a headache due to stress, and Antony has a black eye after fighting with the Bessy brothers.
  • Sunday Afternoon
    Sunday Afternoon
    Episode 3
    It's Sunday afternoon and Nana is visiting. Jim helps Antony do the dishes to avoid listening to nana's moaning. Meanwhile, Mary and Cheryl come over to help Denise try on on her wedding dress and Dave's recovering from a hangover.
  • Making Ends Meet!
    Making Ends Meet!
    Episode 2
    The family sit themselves in front of the TV, after having dinner, and are forced to listen to Jim's moan's about the cost of the wedding.
  • Bills, Bills, Bills
    Jim is annoyed when the latest phone bill arrives, before his daughter's wedding, and finds out someones been calling Aberdeen. Cheryl brings over the catalogue, and she and Denise decide to buy leather jackets. Meanwhile, Barbara is nervous about starting her new job at the bakers.