The Royle Family - Season 3

BBC (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • The New Sofa
    The New Sofa
    Episode 9
    It's Christmas time again for Jim & Barbara and there's baiting aplenty in their over-decorated living room. Daughter Denise and husband Craig arrive on Christmas Eve with aspirations for Christmas morning whilst Twiggy marches in full of festive spirit.
  • The Queen of Sheba
    The Queen of Sheba
    Episode 8
    The Royle Family returns to our screens for the first time in 6 years for a one-off special. 6 years has passed since we saw Jim receive Sky and since then a lot has happened. Baby David is now Little David, Denise and Dave are expecting baby number 2, Antony and Emma had a boy called Lewis; but they split up, Nana has moved in with the Royles, Cheryl has a new diet, while Joe is still clumsy as ever! And Jim is still in his beloved armchair watching his flatscreen TV (how on Earth did he afford that?) and Barbara still runs the place.moreless
  • Christmas Special 2000
    Final Episode: Baby David's first birthday comes around and the Royle's sit down as they did last Christmas. This time they are joined by Darren and Emma, including her parents. Emma's father, Roger can't seem to stop boasting which annoys Jim. When they leave, an unhappy and mad Jim gets the best present of them all: Sky TV! "Roger my arse!"moreless
  • The Christening
    The Christening
    Episode 6
    The day of Baby David's christening has finally arrived. Everyone has gathered at the Royle house for the buffet Barbara has prepared, including Twiggy's new "bird", Michelle. Denise worries she has nothing to talk to Baby David about, while Antony has a surprise announcement, which doesn't exactly thrill Barbara and Jim.moreless
  • Antony's Going To London
    Antony announces that he and Darren, the managers of their band 'Exit' are going to London to find a record deal, of course they get the usual barrage of insults from Jim and Dave, and Nanna contributes to the fund: 50p! But the biggest surprise of all comes from Denise!
  • Elsie's Funeral
    Elsie's Funeral
    Episode 4
    Nana's old neighbour, Elsie has died and Nana and Barbara have just returned from the funeral. Jim becomes annoyed with Nana's constant "weeping" and the two finally come to blows.
  • Decorating
    Episode 3
    Jim and Twiggy decorate the dining area for Baby David's christening (which is in 3 weeks) by scrapping the wallpaper off. Dave is blackmailed into helping when he arrives. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Barbara is cooking bacon butties for everyone whilst talking to Denise and Cheryl.
  • Babysitting Again
    Babysitting Again
    Episode 2
    Baby David has stayed the night with Barbara and Jim so Denise and Dave can go to The Feathers for their anniversary. They arrive with hangovers. Meanwhile, Joe cut his hand while grating cheese for Cheryl (was there ever any doubt?!).
  • Hello Baby Dave
    Hello Baby Dave
    Episode 1
    Denise and Dave bring their newborn, Baby David to visit his grandparents. Barbara is shocked that Denise is leaving all the work to Dave. Meanwhile, Antony brings Darren over, and he was caught pinching a fridge/freezer from his place of work.