The Ruff & Reddy Show

Season 1 Episode 11

Crowds In The Clouds

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jan 04, 1958 on NBC

Episode Recap

Professor Gizmo and Ruff are headed back in Gizmo's rocket to Muni-Mula, but they face the Muni-Mula air force. Professor Gizmo uses one of his secret weapons on the rocket and creates a black cloud that hides the ship and the air force of flying Muni-Mula men flies by. Meanwhile, Reddy is still being chased by the metal men of Muli-Mula and he is able to duck into a building and closes the door. The metal men are knocking on the door when Reddy sees that the building is the home of the flying metal men. He takes one of the head propellers and starts it up. He flies up and then to Gizmo's rocket. Unfortunately, Gizmo mistakes him for a Muni-Mula man and shoots him down.

To be continued...

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