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  • Miss them

    Don't you wish they show the show again I really miss them now they r like moms now
  • great show

    i really love this show my cousion got me into it because at her house that was the only thing to watch there. i also LOVE horses, the actors are great and there also great riders. this shoe is awsome to watch cuz i love horses and it has really good plots even though some of them are kind of scary but thats ok because those episodes that were scary were some of my favorites! this show has great actors, great episodes, great horses and its a great show i suggest that you watch it espesioly if u love horses.
  • I love the saddle club!

    i really love the saddle club! its my favorite show. i love the ponies in it and how they are all friends. Me and my friends are just like Carole and Lisa in it. it teaches you that friendship can get through anything. i am apart of the street team for the saddle club called in4merz. its really cool, you get prizes for telling your friends how good saddle club is! go to to join its free :) I joined like a week ago & i already love it, really think everyone should do it. they also do musical acts so check it out
  • Good for young horse obsessors, but for others...not too good.

    The Saddle Club is a show about the eponymous group of three friends, three girls named Lisa, Stevie, and Carole. They try to teach us about life lessons, many of which are friendship related, while riding horses at the same time. The girls bond pretty much only over their somewhat scary obsessed love of horses.

    They have an enemy, of course, named Veronica, who is a lonely girl who secretly longs to be in the Saddle Club. She has a lot of money, and thus believes she has a ton of power over everyone else because of it. For most of the series she only has one friend, a girl named Kristi, who serves as her romantic rival as well. All five of these girls go to a riding school called Pine Hollow, which is where most of the action takes place. Pine Hollow is run by the family Regenery, who adore the Saddle Club for reasons I'm not sure of. Max, the main proprieter, gets mad at everyone a lot. Usually Veronica. He later on gets an annoying wife named Deborah who does not really add much to the series.

    This show is a great show if you're young and love horses. It really does a good job teaching kids about horsey things, like techniques, terms, and what NOT to name your horse (haha, I'm kidding). It gives a lot of information about how to care for a horse. The thing is, though, if you're over the age of, say, 13, and you're watching this show religiously, then you might want to change the channel and try to watch something else. This show isn't too well-written, and is incredibly cliche. The Saddle Club always wins, and poor Veronica, who is just longing for friends, is always made out to be the enemy (well, except in Scooter's eyes, but that comes later). The acting is not that great, and really, if you've seen one episode, you've kind of seen them all. It's always - Problem - Saddle Club solves it - Veronica gets beat up on. It really doesn't change much. The second season has a lot of romantic elements, which kind of takes away from this lovely little horse fest. This show can be fun to watch if you're in the mood for a drama that's not too smart and hard to comprehend (I mean, it is for kids after all!). But if you like other dramas that are more complex or smart, witty shows, then you might find yourself heavily criticizing this show because of what it lacks. I suggest just watching it for fun instead of reading too much into it, though. It makes the experience less painful.

    I give this show a 6.2/10 - not the best, not horrid.
  • I love this show!!!

    This show is great!!! Phil and Stevie relationship is so cool!!! Max and Deborah's relationship are also cool!!! I love Max's mother, she is so nice.

    I like it how the saddle club feels for the horses, how they solve mystery. It is so cool!!! I love it how the saddle club will try and help people like Dorothèe and Skye the guy that Lisa likes.

    Even though as I got older I realise that the Saddle club get away with heaps of stuff, I still like the show, it's so cool to watch. Overall the show is great, especially the last episode, we actually got to see everyone liking each other… Too bad they only have two seasons… I would have love more.
  • A really great series about three girls and their love for horses.

    What can I say, I really liked this show. It was all about three girls and they all share a love for horses. The three would go on all kinds of adventures, and calling themselves the "Saddle Club" each girl has a different personality and lifestyle then the others. Sadly the show only went up to season two before no more new episodes where being showed. I can see pieces of myself in the three girls, along with my love for horses. This was also the only decent horse show on TV. It was also baised of a book series.Go Saddle Club!
  • This is a really great show for all horse lovers!!! :)

    The Saddle Club is about three girls. They are Stevie, Lisa, and Carole. At first it was just Stevie and Carole, but then Lisa came in and the three girla formed the Saddle Club together. All three of the girls have one enemy, whose name is Veronica and they all go to Pine Hollow to take horse lessons.I think that it is the perfect show for all the people that love horses. Some of the episodes in the Saddle Club are kind of scary, but others are funny. The horses in the show are beautiful and know a lot of tricks.
  • Finally a show that has a likable main female character.The Saddle Club is smart, cunning, and a little trickster. You never know what she is going to do next. Unlike The characters she does not get everything she wants and then whines about.

    Finally a show that has a likable main female character.The Saddle Club is smart, cunning, and a little trickster. You never know what she is going to do next. Unlike The characters she does not get everything she wants and then whines about. Unlike the Vampire she isn’t blessed with special powers and does nothing but complain about them.The Saddle Club powers are her brains and wit. She works for what she wants. Though I think wanting he is wrong because even though he is cute he is also pretty dull. he would be a much better match for her.
  • A nice show for horse lovers.

    I first came across "The Saddle Club" on the Discovery Channel while I was channel surfing one day a few years ago. When I left the channel on the show, I have to say that some of the things that I liked as I sat there to watch it was the friendships that were forged through the care of the horses. I really thought it was pretty funny how in the first episode of the show that Stevie and Carole wanted nothing to do wit Lisa since they thought she was like Veronica. However, it was through the character development that they became fast friends, which I thought was nice.

    Another thing that I enjoy about the show is the likablity of the character, even the characters that aren't the nicest you would like to hate them, with Veronica and Kristi as examples of those types of character. One more thing that I like about "The Saddle Club" are the main stars of the show: the various horses that the characters ride. It is very interesting to see the animals having very different personalities, just like humans have various personality types.

    Even though these are the reasons why I enjoy the show so much, there is just one drawback to the show: I find that occasionally the storylines are somewhat corny, but everything I like about the show truly outweighs what I don't like about it.
  • Horses! I luv horses!

    One of the main reasons I watch The Saddle Club is because of the horses. I love them! The other reason is because I just like it. It's great, although if my friends found out I liked it, they'd think I was weird. Oh well. Anyway, I can't stop watching it. Lara Jean Marshall, Keenan MacWilliam, and Sophie Bennett are great actors. So are the girls who play Veronica and Kristi (don't remember their names). Can't get enough of it, seriously. But now all they play are reruns over and over again. I wish they would have some new episodes. Although I hear that they're starting Season 3! I can't wait!
  • The Saddle Club, a great show for young and old. Though since the show aired it's second season, the ratings have gone down. The books are magnificent and the story is superb!

    The Saddle Club, a great show for young and old. Though since the show aired it's second season, the ratings have gone down. The books are magnificent and the story is superb! Bonnie Bryant (author) should be really proud of herself for bringing to life such a fantastic story! This story is fabulous and aught to be told to all!
  • This show is all about three young girls who go through the trials of turning to teenagers and having a powerful love of horses.

    This show is very amusing because it shows what horse compitition from kids who are turning to the hardest part of their lifes and try to win some horse contests is like. I really like this show because the story line is very easy to believe and the girls that play Lisa Carloe and Stevie are becoming very good actors and hope to one day see them in bigger roles. The shows is very fun to watch and i can't wait until the thrid season comes out on tv and cant wait until the shows come out on dvd so i can watch it at anytime.
  • good show

    This is a good show about 3 friends who love horses.Stevie, Carole, and Lisa make up the saddle club who ride, jump, and do dressage at pine hollow riding stables. I love this show. By watching this show you learn about friendship, love, and loyalty. Veronica and Kristi are best friends and rich snobs who also ride at pine hollow. Veronica is always trying to break up the saddle club by tricking Carole, reading lisa's journal and much more devious things. Even if you do not like horses that much you would still love this show. watch it on discovery kids.
  • i love this show because i love horses and i think that sophie bennett, kennan macwilliam, and lara jean marshall are the best actresses ever!

    i think that everyone should watch it that loves horses because it teaches you alot and if you spend time around horses then you'd get almost everything it is so worth it!!!!!!! i mean the other people that are complaining are so stupid it is just that i wish there were more episodes on the show cause i miss it!
  • Wonderful show for young and old

    The Saddle Club is a great show to watch no matter your age. The characters are fun to watch and sometimes in Veronica's case, easy to hate. It's clear to see just how close the girls were during the filming of this show. It's also great to see how much fun they had together. Each episode was filled with tense emotions and funny quips of humor. I catch myself watching this show each time it's on, even though I wouldn't admit it to too many people. I also love the way the programs shows how to take care of animals and each other.

    It may not have been the best written show in the world, but it's definitely a pleasure to watch each time I see it.
  • It's not great

    The story lines are hopeless its all about "oh who stole my jacket" Veronica is too stuck up and everyone tries to talk with an American accent, but they cant pull it off. I say please do not watch this show or let your children watch it for that matter.
  • Hard Work!

    Working with horses isn't an easy thing, and neither is being and actress! These girls are young! They are new to horseback riding, let alone acting! The show is a fun thing to watch! If you love horses or just want a fun show, Saddle Club is great for you!
  • Worth watching with your kids. They need more new episodes.

    This show is great for younger kids (under 10) who like horses. It has good values and good lessons. My two younger kids watch this every Sunday and afterwards they talk to me about the episodes. They have learned some important lessons about saftey and riding form this show.
    Keep up the good work Saddle Club
  • *Sigh* Why do they bother with these shows? Seriously, why?

    Sure the acting is by no-talent kids who shouldn't even be in the church Christmas Pageant, but the horses were cool. I mean, horses ROCK. The little children who ride them in the show, not so much. If anything, watch it for the horses, if you can stand the little-girl-less-than-mediocre-acting voices. But otherwise, stay away. It might be hazardous to your health.