The Saddle Club

Weekdays 5:00 PM on ABC1 Premiered Feb 06, 2001 In Season





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  • Good for young horse obsessors, but for others...not too good.

    The Saddle Club is a show about the eponymous group of three friends, three girls named Lisa, Stevie, and Carole. They try to teach us about life lessons, many of which are friendship related, while riding horses at the same time. The girls bond pretty much only over their somewhat scary obsessed love of horses.

    They have an enemy, of course, named Veronica, who is a lonely girl who secretly longs to be in the Saddle Club. She has a lot of money, and thus believes she has a ton of power over everyone else because of it. For most of the series she only has one friend, a girl named Kristi, who serves as her romantic rival as well. All five of these girls go to a riding school called Pine Hollow, which is where most of the action takes place. Pine Hollow is run by the family Regenery, who adore the Saddle Club for reasons I'm not sure of. Max, the main proprieter, gets mad at everyone a lot. Usually Veronica. He later on gets an annoying wife named Deborah who does not really add much to the series.

    This show is a great show if you're young and love horses. It really does a good job teaching kids about horsey things, like techniques, terms, and what NOT to name your horse (haha, I'm kidding). It gives a lot of information about how to care for a horse. The thing is, though, if you're over the age of, say, 13, and you're watching this show religiously, then you might want to change the channel and try to watch something else. This show isn't too well-written, and is incredibly cliche. The Saddle Club always wins, and poor Veronica, who is just longing for friends, is always made out to be the enemy (well, except in Scooter's eyes, but that comes later). The acting is not that great, and really, if you've seen one episode, you've kind of seen them all. It's always - Problem - Saddle Club solves it - Veronica gets beat up on. It really doesn't change much. The second season has a lot of romantic elements, which kind of takes away from this lovely little horse fest. This show can be fun to watch if you're in the mood for a drama that's not too smart and hard to comprehend (I mean, it is for kids after all!). But if you like other dramas that are more complex or smart, witty shows, then you might find yourself heavily criticizing this show because of what it lacks. I suggest just watching it for fun instead of reading too much into it, though. It makes the experience less painful.

    I give this show a 6.2/10 - not the best, not horrid.