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  • Pre Bond show.

    Roger was and still is the ultimate gentleman spie. He acts with such flair that it is really a pleasure to watch this show. Even when it is some what out dated, it is still really funny to watch. Even the remake movie isn't to bad to watch, because the story has so much potential in it. Hopefully there is a producer out there who is willing to have another go at it and start a remake / revival show. Preferably with Roger Moore in it. This is a show that all the James Bond fans ought to watch and enjoy...
  • Nice!

    Yes, viewing The Saint on BBC America the other day reawakened some old memories I've carried most of my life. Growing up in a lower middle class American home in the 1960s, I watched Simon Templar and the glamor and intrigue of The Saint fed my vision of the wider world. Later in life, my work enabled me to live in many of the locales pictured in the series. Alas, real life wasn't quite as adventurous as what they depicted on television. Nevertheless, that lost world of the Sixties still reigned in my imagination, where, before air travel resembled travelling in a cattle car, jetting around the globe was a BIG DEAL reserved for the truly rich and adventurous.

    No, nothing was as fun as The Saint, which gloried in the sort of stereotypes our cultural commissars would never allow on screen today. The Germans are strutting martinets, the French incompetent peacocks, the Italians buffoonish hysterics, the Scots haggis-eating grumps, the Dutch commercial opportunists, the Swiss a bunch of greedy gnomes, the Russians paranoid oafs, the Irish a lot of work shy sots, and the Americans growling chain-smokers.

    And what a juxtaposition of settings! How many episodes did I watch Simon flee from a brilliantly lit casino or restaurant down the back-streets of London, Hamburg, or Amsterdam to some dank cellar! Or how many times did he escape some luxurious villa or penthouse through the canals of Venice or avenues of Paris or Geneva to some decrepit warehouse! All with a potpourri of travelogue shots of the great cities of Europe and South America! Great TV.

    And my favorite episode? "The Death Game", where Simon and some British university students, with just a touch of Swingin' London-a-Go-Go, encounter the Assassination Bureau.
  • Roger Moore as Simon Templer (The Saint) lead the way for James Bond.

    The role of James Bond was written for Roger Moore because of how well he did as Simon Templer. While the show is certainly dated it is still on of my all time favorites. I have most of the available shows on DVD and I hope to get the last volume I need to finish the set.
  • Still a pleasure to watch

    Despite the use of the same sets, over and over, and the stock travelogue footage, this series remains one of my very favorites. Yes, I realize that the same steel doored elevator is used almost from one episode to the next, and some interior sets are simply rearranged on a weekly basis, but the fiction of watching Simon Templar jet from one exotic locale to another still works. Maybe it's because Roger Moore's portrayal of the suave and sophisticated Saint is so powerful.

    Made at a time when only the most wealthy could travel by jet, The Saint gives a clear flavor of a bygone era, one of jetsetters, natty nightclubs, bejeweled femme fatales, and urbane villains. All done against the background of Cold War espionage and burgeoning Third World unrest. And that's just a description of the color episodes. If anything, the early black and whites are even better!
  • Debonair and sophisticated Simon Templar (The Saint) is drawn into adventures and always comes up a winner.

    Debonair and sophisticated Simon Templar (The Saint) is drawn into adventures and always comes up a winner. Based on the character created by Leslie Charteris, this series used a mixture of original plots and books written by Mr. Charteris.

    Dogged by the intrepid Inspector Teal of Scotland Yard, Templar manages to foil the bad guys, save the damsel in distress and stay out of the clutches of Scotland Yard... or any other law enforcement he might encounter.

    Roger Moore was absolutely perfect as The Saint. Handsome and smooth, he made the charming, charismatic Templar believable.
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