The Sally Jessy Raphael Show

(ended 2002)


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The Sally Jessy Raphael Show

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A long running and very successful talk show hosted by Sally Jessy Raphael.
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  • The woman with red specs...

    One of the pioneers in talk shows that brought people to spotlight... mostly, for not being their best if you know what I mean. She definitely made an impact on the tv world during this show's time.
  • What a joke!

    Sally Jessy Raphael is gone, and good riddance. This show was a miniscule step above the Jerry Springer Show. This show had nothing to offer to anyone, except those people without a life who had nothing better to do but sit on the couch and be bums for the rest of their lives. I can't believe anyone would watch this vapid show, and I'm glad it's gone.
  • Big red SAL was the pre cursor to the trash talk shows that post dated her

    like Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, Maury , Richard Bay and on and on. She was one of the first shows to display people in expose format. While the masses gawked at people's physical deformities, and stayed glued in disbelief at their outragoeus lifestyles, she sat back and racked in the cash by the fist full, at their expense. There was nothing at all redeeming about her show. Rarely did anybody That I saw leave with any issues resolved. Her ridiculous red frame glasses must've not given her with foresight or vision enough to create a good show. I cheered with they finally cancelled her a**.moreless
  • Those red glasses made this talk show a classic.

    A basic talk show only the host had red glasses. It tackeled issues day after day and provided many episodes of entertainment. I still remeber when it was ending and thinking how this could be so? This might be do to the fact that most talk shows stay around forever and by the time they are gone they are long forgotten and pushed in the background however Sally retired in her prime before the show became just another talk show.moreless