The Salt-N-Pepa Show

VH1 (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Pushin' It
      Pushin' It
      Episode 1
      Salt and Pepa try to resolve their long-running feud and repair their friendship; Salt-N-Pepa get an invite to perform at Shaquille O'Neal's birthday party; at a rehearsal the two get into a disagreement; following Shaquille O'Neal canceling them to perform at his party, Salt invites Pepa to perform at her church.moreless
    • Whatta Manhunt
      Whatta Manhunt
      Episode 2
      Following a disastrous double date between Salt with her husband and Pepa with a man she met at a club, Salt decides to enlist the help of a professional matchmaker which turns out to be equally disastrous. Later, Salt sets Pepa up on a blind date.
    • Houseguests from Hell
      While Pepa has her house renovated and her newly aquired apartment designed, she asks Salt to let her stay with her for three days; a game of dominoes with Pepa and Salt's husband quickly degenerates into gambling much to Salt's displeasure; as Pepa is at her new apartment with the designer, she leaves Salt with her daughter; Pepa crashes Salt's prayer meeting; and a nude painting of Pepa proves to be a distraction to the Wray family.moreless
    • Spinderella Cut It Up One Time
      Spinderella comes from Los Angeles to appear on the The Tyra Banks Show with Salt and Pepa; Pepa is late for the Tyra Banks Show rehearsal; Spinderella wants to know where she fits in with Salt-N-Pepa now; and Salt-N-Pepa with Spinderella perform "Shoop" on The Tyra Banks Show.
    • Pep in Charge
      Pep in Charge
      Episode 5
      Salt-N-Pepa film a public service announcement for Lifebeat; Pepa agrees that Salt-N-Pepa will perform at a benefit for Lifebeat without consulting with Salt, which leads to Pepa planning the performance on her own.
    • Jena 6
      Jena 6
      Episode 6
      After hearing about the Jena 6 story, Salt and Pepa travel to Louisanna in a tour bus; while arriving in Jena, Salt and Pepa meet with the family members of the Jena 6 children, Salt and Pepa are then taken on a tour of the Jena High School grounds; Salt and Pepa march in the Jena 6 rally.moreless
    • Hair It Is
      Hair It Is
      Episode 7
      Salt and Pepa try to branch out in their name branding, after a bad pitch meeting with various products, Pepa talks Salt into starting a hair weave company; Salt gets talked into trying on a wig at Pepa's hair salon and after having on it on for a few days, she changes her mind on the hair weave company.moreless
  • Season 2