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Salt has some serious problems

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    Back in the days I used too love Salt N Pepa.The was the blank back in the days.But it sadden me too know Salt regret her career and the music her and Pepa made together.Now she trying too change Pepa and that just wrong.Salt is the type of friend you can't trust.She left Pepa and Spin in Las Vegas without saying goodbye too there face.She wasn't worry about if they needed anything.They left as a three some and they should have came home as a three some.Salt didn't really want too go on the trip too Las Vegas.She got to the get together in left in went too her room.She should have stay with them at the get together and left with them until it was over because she didn't no who was watching her leave.That how women get murder.Salt has too remember she a famous person.They know she has money so she an easy target.Salt is a fake tooth face person.She smile in your face,but stabb you in the back.When it was time for her and Pepa too perform one of there old song she change the words.Its like Salt is running away from something.I think she is going through some mental issue.Then when she kick Pepa too the curb she went solo.She didn't care how Pepa was going too make money or be alright.All Salt cares about is her self.Salt not even a friend too Spin.With friend like that who needs them.Salt is not a change person she still the same old Salt which is an liar.That all I have too say
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