The Salt-N-Pepa Show

Season 1 Episode 1

Pushin' It

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on VH1



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    • [Following Pepa giving a lap dance to a man during their rehearsal]
      Salt: You have to act like you're [bleep] and wind your head (tilts her head down and starts moving it around), you're winding your head all around.
      Pepa: I'm just doing a routine. It's almost like. (bending over and moving her head around)
      Salt: If your head is right over the guys crotch and you start going like that...
      Pepa: No, actually I started on his knee and then I worked my way up. I just don't go like this between his legs and stay there. I go up and I work like this (moving her head around in circle above the floor and then standing back up).I didn't think I was doing anything wrong. It's like if I do something you're going to pick me apart for everything I do wrong.
      Salt: I'm not picking you apart for everything you do, cause I don't even want to do this period. The fact that I'm here is even a compromise. I don't know Sandi, the fact that we're mothers, and that people see us in a certain way...
      Pepa: I just mean.
      Salt: Okay give the guy [bleep]. That's fine.
      (both laughing)
      Pepa: Silly, I wasn't giving the guy [bleep]. That's the whole thing I was dancing on him and -- you know. He was whack anyway, I'm gonna have to throw him back.

    • [Talking about Salt when she left Salt-N-Pepa]
      Pepa: Now when I see her, the first thing I think about is, like, how could you do this to me, how could you have done that to us?

    • [Talking to Pepa about why she originally left Salt-N-Pepa]
      Salt: I was only thinking about how I'm going to stop throwing up five-six times a day. I don't think you understand what being bulimic is, to deal with and that is what I was going through. So, whatever I did at that time where I felt like I was insane, because of what I was going through, I'm not responsible for whether you'd leave me or you think I'm a liar or a hypocrite or whatever you think about me, I'm so free right now of that.

    • Salt: Salt-N-Pepa haven't performed since I left, I'm nervous. I'm living a really comfortable, quite, peaceful life. Pepa is like this storm cloud coming in and when it hits, it's going to do some serious damage.
      Pepa:: Salt just likes to control everything. If there is something she don't like, I kinda gotta go with it, cause she'll throw it up in my face and go 'I don't need this, I'll walk away from it, I don't have to do this.'

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    • Episode Title: "Pushin' It"

      This is a reference to Salt-n-Pepa's 1987 hit song "Push It" that appeared on their debut album Hot, Cool & Vicious.

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