The Salt-N-Pepa Show

VH1 (ended 2008)





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  • Painful. I LOVED the idea of the one-time Diva's Salt and Pepa going back together,I couldn't wait to see what happened to them!Well,epi 1 explained it.Now I only tune in to watch the train wreck.It's the gruesome need to rubber-neck and see the carnage.

    I was origially really excited to see this show, to see what happened with the ladies, why they split, etc. The first show was interesting because it answered my questions. They should have stopped there and simply made it an "E! THS". There is no way these two Diva's (well, one Diva, and one bible thumping, wound up WAY too tight, disinterested person who maybe needed some extra cash and decided to do the show). Don't get me wrong, I like Cheryl, but she needs to loosen the weave, quit taking EVERY THING Sandy does as being too "over the top" and maybe go with the flow.

    I see Sandy constantly and forever apologizing to Cheryl, when it should be the other way around!!

    Sandy is bending over BACKWORDS to please Cheryl, (who can't make a move or decision without consulting her bible prayer group) and Cheryl KNOWS what Sandy is like. Sandy is not going to be saved and join the conservative life with Cheryl. Sandy is a true Diva, and I hope she always is.

    Sandy said it best to Cheryl's prayer group: "When she {Cheryl} doesn't agree with me, she wont hear me out before starting to protest". (I took some liberties with the quote, she said it too fast before I got to write it down).

    This is not going to be a very long show. Following in the footsteps of another PAINFUL reunion tv show called "The Two Cory's", this will crash and burn quickly, and I won't be expecting a 2nd season. I actually get tense watchng this show, and I just hope I can see Pep tell off Cheryl before it's said and done.

    Maybe they should have brought Spinderella on to balance it out. Speaking of Spin, whatever happened to her?